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Today was my weekly clinical day at the World’s Greatest Hospital (WGH). At the WGH, there is a stairwell that fascinates me. It is a rather small stairwell, in that there is only room for one person to walk comfortably, however there is room for overtaking slow walkers. This stairwell goes up 12 storeys. And possibly more…. I know there’s a 12th floor… I THINK that’s the top…. but who knows? And is floor 1 really the bottom? Maybe it goes down to the centre of the earth!

But anyway, while I was walking up to my tutorial on the 8th floor from the cafeteria on the 3rd floor, I pondered about what would show up on a webcam placed in this stairwell. See a lot of people at the WGH take the stairs over the lifts. Mainly staff and medical/nursing/allied health students. You rarely see patients or members of the public there. But it really is a very high traffic stairwell. It’s very uncommon to even go from one floor to the next without passing at least 2-3 other people. And I find it to be quite a friendly stairwell. There are often smiles and occasionally idle chitchat. And people hold doors open for each other. Even for my group of 7 medical students and a tutor. Isn’t that nice?

I think that if there were a video camera (or better still, a series of cameras at different altitudes) in the stairs there would be some interesting watching for trainspotting types like me.

“Hey! That guy just walked from the third floor to the 9th floor and then back down to the 4th and back up to the 10th! What is he thinking??”
“Hmmm Jerry hasn’t gone past in a while… Bold and the Beautiful must be on”
“SECURITY!! A patient is escaping down the stairwell!! Scramble a wheelchair for the door of level 6 and Agent 39428 apprehend the suspect with a Foley catheter and a syringe full of Valium!!”
“Ahem medical student pretending to look lost, your tutorial group is currently in the rectal examination practise lab and you know it!!”
“But why is everyone going to the 11th floor????”

During the course of today I walked from
level 3 to level 8
to level 7
to level 8
to level 3
to level seven
to level 3
Between each two floors there are two flights of 12 stairs. So that means I walked up or down 264 stairs. That’s quite a lot really.

Luckily the neuro wards are on level 7. Haematology (level 12) was a bit of a killer.

a recipe

I just invented it tonight. I call it “Low fat crunchy ice cream surprise”

Place low fat ice cream in a bowl (I used vanilla, however I think chocolate would work well too). Pour over a generous sprinkle of coco pops. It works better if you use smaller scoops of ice cream and then sort of roll them around so they have coco pops stuck to them.

Squirt some chocolate topping on top.

It’s really very tasty.

exercise blog

So everyone, I’m wiblogging from atop my exercise bike today. Isn’t that clever of me? Yes, I thought so.

In other news, I don’t have much to report on this weekend. Yesteday I went to work. Oh yes! I was late to work!! Which was bad because I have the keys. But it wasn’t my fault. I left home early and was havng a beautiful run with no red lights (I’m using “run” in the sense where it really means “drive”) and then came upon a rather long queue of cars. This was odd for a Saturday morning and I assumed there must be roadwork ahead. But no. There was a reayywaelly bad accident 🙁 . Well I assume it was really bad because the road was closed. Unfortunately for me it was the only road that went to my work. Well unless I wanted to take an extra half an hour. But anyway, it was a bit of a pickle. And I didn’t have a phone number for the assistant who works on Saturday mornings. So I tried calling my boss (who lives near the shop and also is the aunt of the saturday morning assistant) but she wasn’t picking up. then I called the other boss who doesn’t live near work but he doesn’t have the number of that assistant either. Then the other weekday pharmacist called me because the assistant had called her. Don’t worry, my car hadn’t moved during all of these phone calls so although I was breaking laws, I was not endangering the general public.

Eventually I arrived at work 20 minutes late and found the assistant looking very frazzled on the footpath with about 10 people waiting for me. Then five minutes later the boss who lives nearby showed up. Then another assistant arrived. And we all lived happily ever after.

writer’s block

Ok so maybe I have been a bit slack lately. I blame physics. Conservation of momentum (or lack thereof) and all that. It’d be nice to say it’s because I have been busy studying and am now an expert in neurology. However that would be a slight exaggeration. Although I do know more about the topic than I did a week ago. So that’s good.

In other news, would someone be able to drop a cake over at my house tonight please? I feel like cake.

I could’ve told them that

Apparently the car problem is the immobilizer. Now, as a quarter and a bit of a doctor, I SO could have diagnosed that. The car was immobile yet with perfectly functional engine stuff. And tires inflated to the correct inflation. The tires were on the ground, all attached to the correct places on their axles. The battery was not flat, the starter motor was working. The only problem: the car was immobile. It had been inappropriately immobilized.

stupid computers

Ok so the YayMobile stopped working. Is the problem a flat battery? Why no! The battery is fine! I can listen to music, have the air-con on, put my windows up and down. That is not the problem. Could it be the starter motor? No, because when I turn the key, it doesn’t even TRY to start. It just sits there. Could it be the rest of the engine? Well it’s unlikely as it’s not even given a chance to try.

The problem is that the computer that controls everything, doesn’t want the car to start. So it won’t. When the NRMA guy used a thingy to make the starter motor go, it still wouldn’t work because the car didn’t want to give fuel to a strangely activated starter motor.

It’s a software issue! I blame Windows Vista.

And see, all the roadside assistance people are mechanics. But cars don’t break down because of mechanical faults anymore. They break down because their software has frozen. And mechanics aren’t equipped to deal with that! Why should they be?!