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good day all

So, New Zealand. It’s a great place.

Tonight we are in Dunedin, which, for those unfamiliar with the area, is on the East Coast of the South Island, towards the bottom. We spent today driving down from Christchurch (who knew NZ was so big??) and are staying at a backpackers hostel that has free plums and a resident labrador.

Tomorrow we hope to catch the Taieri Gorge Railway to Pukerangi and back, which is about half a day. Then we will go penguin and sea lion hunting in the later bits of the day. Don’t worry, we don’t intend to eat the penguins. Or even catch them! Heh that’d be pretty funny!

In other news, last night we had a way tasty dinner in Christchurch which involved lots of food and chilli and not much money. THEN $1 shakes for dessert at KFC. Bargain!

So far I can recommend the following places:

  • YMCA Christchurch – extremely good backpacker accommodation. Like a hotel but with the bathroom down the hall (you can pretend it’s your own hall if you want I guess. And some rooms have ensuites) and very reasonable prices.
  • Mum’s 24 – Korean/Japanese restaurant in Christchurch. $NZ10 gets you an enormous box of food, for example spicy squid and rice and kimchi and potato stuff and bean sprout stuff AND miso soup. BARGAIN. $NZ10 will also buy you an enormous omelette full of rice and stuff.
  • The KFC in Christchurch.. erm… somewhere… $1 shakes! Thickshakes!
  • the place we’re staying here… but I can’t remember what it’s called…

Oh! Before I forget!

I drove to uni for the first time ever! I’ve only ever caught public transport there. But as today was uni holidays and it was the middle of the day I decided to attempt it. And it all went swimmingly. Except when I arrived at the uni and the entrance I had planned to use was shut because there was a fire alarm somewhere (happens a lot in the science buildings…) but instead I parked in the Bus Lane that is not a bus lane in the middle of the day. Hurrah!

The reason I drove to uni was mainly because I could but also because I wanted to listen to a cd that I have on my car mp3 cd but not on my mp3 player. So really my car is just a big mp3 player. Terribly sorry Mr Environment but I did save at least 2 hours and it was the first time in what has been… 5 years of uni so far. And I won’t do it on a regular basis. I promise!

Wiblog entry for 29/01/2007

I would like everyone to admire the bullet points that I used in my previous post. They were the first html bullet points I’ve ever done. I am quite pleased with them.

In other news, I have done a few of the things on my list. I have been to uni and bought a book (and a reflex hammer and picked up my exam paper from last year… oh and I ordered another textbook!), I rode 17km in my room, I hung out my towels AND I had a shower. I will probably delete the bit about a uni topic… and the cooking something bit…. if only I had a butler to pack my bag for me. I hate packing bags. It’s not that it takes hours or anything. I’m really quite fast. I just don’t like doing it.

I have thought of a few extra things to add to my list though

  • Send emails to two friends. Maybe three. Heh who knew I had three friends!
  • Write down the addresses of the grandparents for postcardal purposes
  • Maybe post a photo of the ear bones I made out of plasticine…
  • Try to find a cheapish book about New Zealand…
  • Get out of bed and start doing things on to do list…

erm yes… anyway…

so much to do!

Ok so I’m leaving for beautiful NZ tomorrow at the crack of dawn. Well possibly before the crack of dawn. I have no idea what time dawn cracks at the moment. Luckily my flight at 6:30 is a domestic flight as cheap tickets are taking us via Brisbane. So that means I only have to be at the airport at 5:30 instead of 4:30. Brilliant.

So anyway, before bed time tonight I need to do lots of things. These are in no particular order:

  • pack my bag. Luckily I saved my packing list from beach mission so have merely modified it to include clothes that aren’t 12 years old and to not include a kilo of 20c pieces for the shower and 400 towels in case it rains.
  • go to uni to pick up a text book before the craziness starts next week
  • go to a friend’s place for dinner
  • ride approximately 15km on my exercise bike. This takes about 40 minutes. I ride for about a CD length. But sometimes I don’t like all the songs on a cd so it takes a bit longer.
  • maybe make some sort of food thing to share with people after dinner
  • read some more of John Newton’s letters. He said some good things.
  • make copies of passport and credit card and stuff.
  • set alarm clock for 4am!!!!!!!!
  • go to bed before midnight. 10 would be good. Seems unlikely.
  • put my towels out on the balcony to make them smell nice.
  • have a shower.
  • finish one topic for uni

Hmm that’s certainly enough to be going on with.

On your bike Yay!

Oh yes, is it just me or has Flickr recently increased the upload limit? And does this mean that I should stop considering a paid membership? Hmmmm…


This afternoon I made muesli slice. It was adapted from a food magazine I bought yesterday. I say adapted because of the 8 ingredients, I replaced 6 with similar things.

So you get yourself
200g pepitas
1 weetbix, crushed (I used a vita brit)
Half a cup of self raising flour
Half a cup of sultanas (I used mixed fruit but picked out the peel because I don’t like it)
Half a cup of rolled oats (I used muesli but shook the container first to separate the components into those which were oaty and those which were not)

Mix those things in a bowl.

Then put 50g butter (I used margarine), half a cup of raw sugar (I used demarara) and a quarter cup of honey (I used golden syrup) in a saucepan and cook for a while until bubbly and smooth. Mix in to the other stuff.

Spread in a lined 20cm square cake tin and press down with a spoon or something.

Bake at 170C for about 25 minutes or until golden.

The recipe says that it makes 15 squares. But it also stipulates using a square tin. Now boys and girls, is 15 a square number? No I don’t think it is. So there are a few possibilities for what went wrong:
a) They actually mean 16 squares
b) They mean “four sided pieces”
c) The squares are not all of the same dimensions.

This is how you cut a square cake into 15 squares. I’m sure there are other ways but this is the first one I came up with:

opinions please

I think that the following foodstuffs are gross:

Cooked celery
Raw celery (but to a lesser degree)
Tinned asparagus
Tinned three bean mix
Bread and butter pudding that’s sloppy and slimy and cooked in a water bath
Wet cake (eg. trifle). Unless it’s wet with syrup (lemon poppy seed syrup cake for example).
Dog food.

The End.

all that exercise pays off

So anyway, it’s been a few days since my last report on the state of the world. I can now share that I am lounging on my bed without working up a sweat. Clearly the explanation for this is that I am much more fit than I was two days ago.

It’s not as far fetched as it sounds. Yesterday I did a 13 hour shift at the Pharmacy of Steps. This pharmacy has four stairs from the dispensary down to the shop. I wore a pedometer for a couple of hours and had 4600 steps on it by the time it fell off. I don’t THINK I walked up and down the stairs 500 times. But there was plenty of pottering around both upstairs and downstairs. And SURELY dropping the pedometer a few times counts as steps because of the effort involved in picking it up.

I can’t think how I used to do 3 x 13 hour shifts/week at that pharmacy. Oh yes. Now I remember. I used to have an afternoon rest.

very odd

This morning I am not working. Which is odd because I was going to be working. But my boss said he’ll do it. This is excellent because I need my days off to recuperate and stuff. However I may end up working a little bit because a script came in for a cream to be made and I told the guy to come back this afternoon, planning to make the cream this morning. But now I’m not working so hopefully my boss will have time to make the cream but I said he could ring me if he needed my assistance.

I also have to drop in to another of my works and take some suppositories from one work there because they’re expiring in February and also out of stock and there’s a patient at work #2 who needs some and work #1 has them but they’re nearly expired so I acted as a matchmaker to bring the two situations together.

I might also buy some fruit at the shopping centre where work #2 is. There’s a good fruit shop there. Last week there were raspberries for $2.50/punnet. That is the cheapest I’ve ever seen them here. They’re usually about $7.

Now I am off to have words with the asst minister about my aversion to my church.

a cool new toy

Regular readers with not much else to occupy their minds (heh) may recall that our VCR (not vicar) went up in flames some time before Christmas.

On the weekend the brothers replaced it with a hard drive recorder. And this thing rocks. I am watching a show on SBS at the moment that doesn’t have ads. BUT with the new handy dandy machine I can just press pause when I need to get some coco pops. And if I miss something, I can rewind up to 10 minutes. And I can record two channels simultaneously (and technically watch a third digital channel as our set top box is still working). It doesn’t record DVDs because there does not yet exist a device that does all of the above PLUS DVD recording. Well not here anyway. I don’t know why but that’s ok because at least three computers in the house can record DVDs and the recorder dealie has a USB port. It’s POSSIBLE that we could plug a wireless card into the USB port so the machine could talk to the computers… that would be way cool!