Monthly Archives: November 2006

an experiment

People in my house don’t throw out empty tubes of toothpaste. It’s really quite odd. So I am deliberately not going to throw any out and see if we ever get down to just the tube that is currently in use.

Why not throw out empty tubes?? Are the last smears of Colgate THAT valuable? It’s not hard. The bin is next to the sink. And they even go to the trouble of putting them back in the cupboard! It’s crazy!

Today: one tube in use, two empty tubes.

so anyway

What was meant to be 8 hours of work today turned into 10. So that makes 47 hours in four days. Well it will be on Sunday afternoon 😀

Work was insanely busy today. My boss was there and he concurred. I left him to it with 2.5 hours to go… hopefully he’ll survive!

Tomorrow I’m working at the pharmacy where I was last year (owned by the lady who owns half the place I worked in today… and where my current boss worked before I was there… all very confusing… and er he owns the other half of where I was today). It’s always nice to go back and catch up with all my patients and see how everyone’s going and stuff. But ohhh 13 hours!

So yes. In other news, if anyone is in America and wants to buy some special scissors for me, that’d be great. My mother broke my scissors the other day and then I discovered that they are not available in Australia. Sad 🙁

oh dear oh dear

So I will be working the next four days. Which obviously sounds like a bit of a farce but the days are 9, 13, 12 and 12 hours long. I will possibly be a zombie by Sunday evening. And will have eaten enough pad thai to sink a ship. Mmmmm pad thai.

Well, I think that some of you were rather rude about my post yesterday. There’s no need to be nasty you know.

In other news, today I made a head out of plasticine.

so hot!

Ok so I just went for a walk to the letterbox to post a letter (as you do). Before I set out, I applied sunscreen. And I wore sunglasses. It’s not very far to the letterbox.. maybe 300m max. So by the time I got there, my toes were feeling all burny!! That’s a minimum erythemal time of about 5 minutes. Translation: it’s very hot and sunny.

Apologies for not posting a link to gelato myself yesterday. I wasn’t feeling very energetic. Thanks to rain (genius!) for doing so. And yes, you must both eat some. From my perspective, you practically live next door to Italy so why not go there for a weekend?!

Oh yes, a major benefit of contact lenses is that you can wear normal sunglasses AND be able to see at the same time. Cool hey?

slightly bewildered

So the brother and I went on our customary Saturday afternoon adventure just then. Today the aim was to have gelato. So after buying our gelato we were wandering around eating it and came across one of the brother’s friends who had to fill in 45 minutes in a suburb not really known for its entertainments after 5pm on a Saturday. We suggested gelato. The friend and his girlfriend both shook their heads and said “hmmm yes, but not before dinner”.

I don’t understand!!! Any time is gelato time! And what if dinner makes you too full for gelato? It just doesn’t make sense.

unveiling my masterpiece

<img src=”″

More angles here.

I have noted the suggestions of things to make and will be working on them in the next while. Digestive system will be interesting, dragon with outstretched wings will be hard and “position statement on people who say odd things, and how we wibbers should respond” will be very difficult! Other suggestions or requests welcome, no guarantees on quality or timeliness of delivery 🙂

productivitily challenged

Ok so no new pics today. It was very hot (top of 38.4C) and heat makes me sluggish. And slothful. However I did make a lot of progress on my plasticine work. I will start to unveil some of it in a couple of days.

If anyone has any suggestions for things they’d like me to make with plasticine, stick them in the comments. I’m working on using wire as a structural support. 75m of wire for $5. Not bad!