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People who wish to reverse park on busy streets should be made to repeat the reverse parking section of the driving test every time they renew their license. For goodness sake, if you really don’t want to walk 20 metres, then practise parking so that it takes less than 10 minutes!

For the record, I am not brilliant at reverse parking (the best one I ever did was in my driving test) HOWEVER I do not do it on busy roads when there is ample side street parking and there’s no way for other cars to pass me.

Wiblog entry for 28/10/2006

Merry Weekend Everyone!

So yes. I’ve been a bit off wiblogging lately. I haven’t had much to say.

But now I can tell you about my adventure last night. See a week ago a few of us decided that we’d go out for dinner last night. There wasn’t really a plan, but there was talk of the night noodle markets (these actually ended last week but we didn’t know), a “really good Asian restaurant that might be on Pitt St…” and Bun Story. Then an email went out to all the med students telling us to go to the Reclaim the Night march. One of the people going to dinner said she wanted to go, so the rest of us said we’d join her.

It was quite fun really. Everyone had whistles and shakers and candles and they closed half of George St in the city and we got to yell about patriarchy and oppressors and concrete ceilings and stuff. The posters at uni said that the march went to Circular Quay so we told our male dinner buddy to meet us there (we didn’t want him to get beaten up by the ladies). However at Town Hall where it all started, after being worked into a frenzy by the speakers, the people with the microphones said “and now we will march to Hyde Park”. Ooops. So we called our Oppressive Buddy and diverted him to Hyde Park. “But how will I find you?” he asked. “Just look for the crowd of women with whistles.

Once we found our Oppressor and some of the girls talked to various radio stations and random folks, we set off for the “really good Asian place that might be on Pitt St” (luckily the Oppressor knew where it was). It was apparently a Chinese-Malaysian restaurant. On the way there we passed another Chinese-Malaysian restaurant that looked quite nice. Then we arrived at the destination and found that it had closed. So we went back to the other one. It was a good choice of eating place because it was Halal with lots of vegetarian options.

The night ended with the male Oppressor, the mad Indian and me having McDonalds chocolate sundaes (I just love the fudge sauce) and then my train trip home having the highlight of lots of friendly drunk people and a very drunk guy who spent over ten minutes on the little platform between the carriages puking his guts out. Oh and there was also a bunch of Christians who sounded very odd. But not drunk. Just odd.


Today I truanted uni and worked instead. To be fair, I said that I’d work about 6 months ago when I thought I had a lab in the morning. Then a few weeks ago it changed to the afternoon and I’d committed to working the afternoon. So I worked almost all day (I allowed myself a sleep in).

It was actually a nice day. It’s one of the few times I’ve worked with another pharmacist (I was allowed to leave for lunch!!) and it was so busy the day went very fast. It’s also not one of my regular pharmacies so it was nice to chat to a different sort of people. I wouldn’t want to work there all the time but it’s fun enough on the odd occasions that I’m there.

In other news, the criminal university has scheduled an 8am lecture for tomorrow! What do they take me for?!

Wiblog entry for 22/10/2006

The left handed mouse work is going well. And I do use keyboard shortcuts where possible. My uni website is not particularly shortcut friendly unfortunately.

In other news, today I bought a backpack. I have other backpacks. But this one is compact. I tend to always buy bigger bags than I need. Then I feel bulky and unpopular on trains. But this one is small!! Big enough to fit my uni stuff in it though.

In yet more other news, I also vaccuumed today. How good am I? AND I filed. AND shredded. Finally I had somewhere to dispose of all the patient histories I took during my pharmacy course.

Oh and yesterday I went to a beach mission meeting and I am pleased that the team this year are strong singers. That makes me happy. It’s much more fun singing with a bunch of bellowers than er… quiet folk. Especially if one has been put on the music roster for playing piano during the team service thingy in the mornings. I did specify that I don’t like playing flats…

why didn’t I think of this before?

Ok so this morning I was sitting at a computer at the hospital writing stuff down off a website. And I had an epiphany. See when I use my right hand for moving my mouse, it means that every time I want to move my mouse, I have to put down my pen. This wastes a lot of time. HOURS! Especially as I am likely to get distracted when I put down my pen and wander off to have another breakfast….

So I pondered this state of affairs. I have two hands do I not? Yes! I do! And both of them have some degree of manual dexterity. My left hand is not very good at writing, but it can use a mouse. My right hand can use a mouse and write. SO what would happen if I were to use my mouse with my left hand and my pen with my right hand? Could that possibly streamline my study?

I am currently trialling this neew method of operating and it seems to be quite effective so far. Now I just need to learn to write as fast as I can type…

Wiblog entry for 17/10/2006

It appears that I am so far the second nerdiest person on the wibsite. I am happy with this. Although Ian hasn’t told us his score yet and I suspect he would beat me. He works with computers!!

In other news, the other day I was woken up by George W Bush falling on my head. Luckily it was merely the poster of Bushisms I have on my wall. But still disturbing nonetheless!

the world runs on batteries

So as I sit here typing I am thinking a bit about electricity. At the moment I have the following things using electricity in my room:

1. My laptop
2. desk lamp
3. ceiling light
4. speakers (attached to laptop, playing internet radio)
5. mp3 player charging
6. phone charging
7. palm pilot charging
8. it could be said that my heart and other muscles are using electricity as electrical impulses are responsible for initiating muscle contraction

That’s a lot of gadgets. I was actually pondering this before looking at Dave’s blog but now having seen the gadget cartoon I can confirm that:

a) my headphones are white however that is because they are the only in ear earphones I’ve found that stay in my ears. AND they were free. A drug company gave me an ipod shuffle (which I only use as a usb key). And I use them for my mp3 player. This is a separate device to my phone.
b) my phone does not have any folding parts. If you ask me, that’s asking for disaster
c) my phone also has no special features (except a flashlight in the little hole where it would have infra red if it happened to be a fancy model) and is not particularly compact.
d) I generally have it set to discreet mode (vibrate) and don’t notice if it’s ringing. And no-one calls me anyway.
e) The buttons are of a decent size. and they are raised. Quite friendly really.

very eventful

So on Friday night the parents were about to go to bed and looked out their bedroom window. They saw a car parked across our street. Diagonally. Blocking all traffic. The father went out to have a look and it was locked, no signs of anyone around, couldn’t hear any teenage parties going on anywhere. Very odd.

Now this was a problem because although our street is not particularly busy, especially at 11pm, there are a few hoons who enjoy driving up and down at great speeds. And visibility is not great due to our house being in a dip and the street lights not being fantastic and overhanging bushes obscuring vision. And I am not confident treating with major trauma yet!

So the father went out with a torch to warn people not to hit the car. The mother called the police. Who said “ah if it’s abandoned then it needs to be there for at least x amount of time”. She explained that it was blocking the whole street. They eventually conceded that maybe it was a problem. They turned up about half an hour later (impressive for a Friday night non-emergency – once my boss hit the panic button at work by mistake and they turned up 3 hours later!) and called the car owners from the number plates. Turned out that their daughter was driving the car. And was across the road from us visiting friends. Turned out that she’d parked at the top of the hill and not utilised her parking brake very well. She was extremely lucky that the car stopped where it did because there is a fence running down the middle of our street. And cars!!

Although I bet she did get a bollocking from the parents who were called by the police at 11pm asking if they were the owners of a car with rego XYZ 123 and who was driving it tonight…