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(no title today. It’s Thursday)

I am not in a very wibloggery mood at the moment. However such is my sense of duty to the cause of er… something, that I will endeavour to dig up some worthy morsels for your entertainment or something…

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut. The sign said “Quick cuts $20”. I walked in and there were three of them (hairdressers) all chatting to each other… they looked at me. I quivered. “Yes?” one of them said. “I be after a quick cut” I replied. They looked at me then at each other. I sensed an increase in telepathic activity. Eventually one of them lost the stare off and ushered me to a seat. She put a noose around my neck. Or maybe it was a piece of paper to create a collar over the black robe… thing. Robe? Cloak? Cape? A black cape.

“How much do you want off?”. I indicated how much I’d like removed. This was apparently a lot. But that’s how much I wanted taken off.

“What sort of shampoo do you use?”
“That’s not very good is it?”
“er… well I like it. And it’s cheap”
“But you have a lot of split ends. Have you tried our Salon Only brand?”
“Could my split ends be because I haven’t had my hair cut for 18 months??”

A bit of small talk followed. But it died. I tried. Oh yes, I tried. But no. Am I doomed to never “connect” with a hairdresser? Am I missing my empathy-with-hairdressers gene? Maybe it’s on the same chromosome as the enjoys-shopping gene. And the knows-how-to-apply-make-up-and-uses-this-knowledge-frequently-gene.

After about 4 minutes of cutting another customer walked in and indicated that she wanted MY hairdresser. A minute later and I was released from my cape and collar. And charged $20. As I left, my hairdresser was chatting merrily to the next victim. Odd really.

Hair and Clobber YayStyle

When I open my shop selling sensible clothing, it will also have an attached hair cutting place. All of the people cutting hair will also have higher qualifications in interesting things and will be able to carry on conversations about many things. I have found that a show stopping reply to “So what did you do on the weekend?” is “Well I learned about mucus and what makes it green and stringy or yellow or murky brown”. That will not be an issue in my establishment!

a bloody good block

So I have my finished my learnage on respiration and associated diseases. As of yesterday, we started Haematology. This is a “different” block because it’s held at our clinical schools (ie. hospitals). However my clinical school is not based at my hospital, so I am spending four days per week at a large area hospital and the other day at my normal hospital. It’s all a bit strange really… I would have thought that the reason to be at the hospital would be so that we could see what haematologists do and stuff. But that seems to be a “special option for those particularly interested”… so that’s odd. But then as I am still at the end of a virus, I would not be welcome in a ward full of immunocompromised people anyway.

I will hopefully do some poking around in various wards during the five weeks of haematology but at the moment I’m just settling in and madly trying to catch up with my respiratory notes in my spare time!

In other news, I went to work on Sunday and it was a bit weird. There were:
* At least 12 cases of conjunctivitis
* Two cases of impetigo
* A beautiful moment when my pharmacy student who I’d been nagging at all day about how to counsel people regarding penicillins asked someone if they were allergic to penicillins and they said “um yes, actually I am!!” and I saw a priceless look of surprise on the student’s face as he realised why I had been nagging him all day.
* A very poorly altered script for a morphine like drug.
* An amusing phone call to the doctor whose script had been toyed with (“That bastard!! I don’t want to give him anything now!!”)
* Frustration with trying to get the new modem to behave. I think it’s broken. Well the reset button is broken anyway! And it’s forgotten its IP address. Stupid thing.
* I wasn’t yelled at by anyone!!

ugh! ergh! yuck! ptoooie!

*Shudder* my mother just brought me home some throat lozenges to try. Not so much because of my throat but because they’re new and being advertised and people will be asking about them at work. They’re herbal. Which is not bad in itself. But man they taste FOUL. Unfortunately they feel like they are actually doing doing with sinuses and stuff. But ergh! Ewwwwww! GAHHHH!!

I think the bits that are making them taste bad are black cumin, geranium, thyme, anise oil, primula vulgaris root and fennel oil. And maybe some of the other things.

But if you have no taste buds or like that sort of thing, they are quite effective!

the perks of being sick

1. I can justify buying a berry smoothie (berries, sorbet, ice and strawberry juice) because “it soothes my throat” and it contains fluid. Fluids are important when one is sick.

2. I can justify buying liquorice bullets to tempt my poor sickly appetite (hah!)

3. Resting is important for my convalescence 🙂

Shhhh don’t tell anyone that it’s most likely the common cold!

more wailing and tearing of clothes

Ah it’s not so bad. I just sound all croaky. So much so that when I called my brother from the station the conversation went a bit like this:
Him “hello?”
Me “Hi, it’s me, could you pick me up please?”
Him “hello??”
Me “Can you hear me? I’m at the station!”
Him “Um who is this??”



I just don’t have much of interest going on at the moment.

Oh except for my new nasal spray. Unlike my old nasal spray, it’s an aerosol version and hypertonic instead of isotonic. And the best bit is that you can keep spraying as lonnnnnnng as you want. None of this metered spray business. You just keep going til your sinuses are filled up. After extensive experientation I have found that the best way to do this is with your head tilted to the side. And once your sinuses are filled and you go to tilt your head the other way, make sure both nostrils are occluded otherwise you get wet jeans. Yeah. So anyway. My nose is feeling much clearer!


It’s really hard to take photos of your own throat. I’ve taken some really nice ones of my brother’s. But I can’t get mine! He can’t either. He says that my throat isn’t as photogenic as his. Hmph.

I must see my pharmacist

I have a sore throat. If I went to see my pharmacist, assuming that the pharmacist was not me, then they would say that I should either buy lozenges (useless!) or a gargle. The two gargle options are Difflam or an iodine based one. The iodine one *apparently* is very effective. But it tastes foul so not many people use it for long enough for the effective bit to be apparent. And Difflam just doesn’t do much for me. Then there’s gargling with dissolved aspirin (I put the dissolved in just in case any of you thought that I was going to try gargling tablet… hehe that would be funny). But aspirin doesn’t agree with my digestive system. Even when I just gargle and spit.

So I’ll just tell everyone here instead that I have a sore throat. I have a sore throat everyone!! A one day history of a sore throat does not warrant a trip to the doctor and my doctor is on holidays til the 11th of September. If my sore throat is still here by then maybe I’ll go and see her 🙂

In other news, I think my mp3 player has just died! Argh! Come on little buddy, you can do it!