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loose ends and hopefully not the end

Loose ends. The kilometre of writing. Well as I said in my post, I was expressing my CONCERN that my pen doesn’t write for a kilometre as it says on the packet. This is based on a) my experience with Kilometrico pens in the past and b) my estimate that I can’t write a kilometre in a week. However the pen people haven’t written back to me. The yoghurt people did write back within 24 hours so they are good. I wrote to them asking if they could make my yoghurt in a 6 or 8 pack as a 4 pack doesn’t last very long because my parents have discovered that it’s the best yoghurt in the world.

Hopefully not the end. In other news, my computer started making funny noises today. This was a bit disturbing so I took it to the computer doctor (two train rides away) and the silly computer would not oblige and make the noise when we arrived. So I’ve left it there for a little holiday and have asked them to look at its fans and hard drive and also at why it sometimes doesn’t turn on and then it does if I flip it over a few times. So hopefully it will be fixable for not too many dollars.

some of the things I did today

1. Got out of bed before midday
2. Chewed two pieces of gum. One blueberry flavour (shades of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!) and one apple flavour. Not at the same time.
3. Had toast with peanut butter and blackberry jam
4. Written to the pen company to express my concern that my Kilometrico Sports Pro don’t write for a kilometre like it says on the packet
5. Applied to moisturiser to my hands

follow up on comments

Miss Lisa – the friend what sews wedding frocks and suchlike. Well I can’t remember what the place is called but it’s some woman’s name and it’s in Mosman. I can find out if required 🙂

Typing gloves don’t exist Maddie, as far as I’m aware. However they should!! I think the reason that they are needed in Australia is that although it doesn’t get very cold here compared to other bits of the world, our houses are not fitted out for cold weather. Insulation is poor/non-existent, a lot of houses have high ceilings and central heating is very rare. So being inside is often not much warmer than being outside. I was discussing this with some Swiss folk at church on Sunday and they agree that it’s very cold in Australian houses in Winter.

Good news everyone!

(10 points for first to correctly state the source of my title for this morning)

So last night I saw my friend who is like a sewing person who makes wedding dresses. And I discussed the typing glove issue. And she said that she’ll make them for me! So I just have to find the perfect fabric and we’re all set to go.

However further good news is that while on my ice cream adventure last week I also discovered that a large fabric chain which has closed everywhere has not actually closed everywhere but is still open at one location!! So this week when I go back to use one of the 2 for 1 vouchers the ice cream shop gave us last week I shall pop into the fabric shop and peruse for some glove fabric.

behold, the boysenberry!

Y’all will have to cut and paste the link because I’ve forgotten how to do them with html and now that linking is not possible I don’t want to have 7 posts of me trying to do it properly.

I’ve never seen a fresh boysenberry however I have had them in ice cream a few times and I think I saw them in jars at the supermarket the other day.

a close call

Today I was either going to have to buy some more underwear or do another load of washing. Thankfully I found a clean underwear deposit in the t-shirt section of my cupboard! Phew!

The parents are getting back tomorrow at some time in the afternoon. Last I heard from the brother he was in Switzerland. No idea where he is now. The grandmother thinks that this is very careless of us not to know where he is but he’ll turn up!

In other news I went to a shopping centre that is not one of my regulars the other night and discovered a Streets ice cream shop. Wow! I had a strawberry shortcake ice cream which has strawberry ice cream, scotch finger biscuits, boysenberries (they ran out of strawberries but actually I think the boysenberries gave a better end result than strawberries would have) and white chocolate (which was put in from a vat of melted chocolate!). Man it was so good. Castle Towers everyone. Mmmmmm. They also make hot chocolate with melted chocolate from the vats (milk and white) in it which my friend had and reported that it was most excellent. Mmmmm.

aim low

I have decided to aim for two hours of study per day. This is obviously much less than what is advocated by the study nazis however it is achievable. And I may outdo myself on some days an manage much more however at least I know that I can do two hours. I have almost done one hour and it’s only 1:30pm!! And I’ve also read the paper, done the quick crossword, unloaded the dishwasher, had a shower and plugged in various things that run on batteries for recharging!!

not impressed at all

So today after 9 hours at the hospital I returned to my car. I park down a rather steep incline about 5 minutes from the hospital because a) there are usually no other parking spots closer by that point and b) if there are I’d prefer to leave them for elderly relatives visiting patients.

This street that I park in is a dead end. There is not much traffic. As it doesn’t lead anywhere. Today I received a parking fine for parking less than 3 metres from the centre dividing lines. $175. Was I obstructing traffic? No! Were there any other legal parking spots in the area? No! Gah.


So this morning I didn’t want to get up. Then I did get up. And it was a bit late…. 50 minutes late to be precise. It takes me approximately 35 minutes to get ready. So anyway, I got meself dressed and grabbed some packaged foods to trick me into thinking I had broken my fast. And trotted off to the station. In the car that is. Parked in my customary spot, a good 6 minute walk from the station. Somehow my addled brain remembered that my train ticket lasts til today due to the public holiday last monday. Waited 15 mintues for the train… At this point I was looking to be about 25 minutes late to anatomy. But! After 15 minutes on the train I realised that I’d forgotten my lab coat and hence would not be allowed into the labs. Ah well. I think it’s time for a holiday! Good thing there’s one starting on Thursday 🙂

nutritionally complete and a crimefighter

So just as I was patting myself on the back for eating two meals that were good for me today, a guy came in to work with a script that I suspected had been altered by someone other than the doctor. ie. the patient. Luckily the doctor had also made a small booboo which gave me the perfect chance to call her (the guy obligingly gave me her mobile number when I explained what she had done) and I then had my phone call within earshot of him as I enquired about whether she had changed the strength from 5omg to 200mg… ah she hadn’t? Well then how about I dispense 50mg then eh? I didn’t say anything to him directly as the script was for a friend and he smelt drunk and I didn’t particularly want to get beaten up 5 minutes before closing time, however I dispensed the correct strength and had my phonecall with the doctor in front of him. I think that got the message across. And we have all his details should it need to be taken further.