Monthly Archives: May 2006

a glowing reference

The company that produces most of my textbooks has a wonderful tech support team for people like me who a) totally reformat their palm pilot thus messing up what the website will let me download (I don’t understand it meself) and b) bugger up the scratching panel inside the cover of a text so that I can’t read the code to get online access to a book. I have dealt with two different departments (independent of each other) in the last two days and they fixed both my problems with no rigmarole. So I am very pleased.

In other news, this morning at the hospital we did plastering! It was fun. The physio showed us how to do temporary (ie. emergecy department) casts on wrists and thumbs and lower legs and we all plastered each others’ wrists and had a good time. I like plastering!

ah such achievement

Well I have done most of the things on my weekend to do list and then some! And the two things I haven’t done will each take about a week so they were more there as a flight of fancy than anything else.

Have thrown out loads of stuff, devised a filing system for all the junk (yes Jack, I agree with your explanation of why uni students accumulate so much junk) that I haven’t thrown out, even cleaned out my desk drawers! I haven’t tackled the under bed storage containers yet. When I got my new bed that they fitted under, I just threw a lot of stuff into them and shoved them under the bed. One day I will deal with them. However my two Expedit bookcases are now in order! And there are 6 spare cubby holes! With the potential for more when I do some further reorganisation.

And it was all worth it because I found my $US100 travellers cheque and $10. Hurrah for me! I also decided to send Liza and EJ something other than Humpty Dumpty eggs because they are too bulky and fragile and will never make it to America unscathed. Sorry folks! Another surprise will be devised.

yay for me!

This morning I woke at 8:30!! Read it and weep! It is now 10:30 and I have practically finished my Sunday morning rituals (breakfast, reading the paper, loafing around…). So as soon as I finish wiblogging I will get dressed and then commence Operation Eradicate Junk From Room (Again). Then do some uni work. When I’m being a uni student I seem to spend a lot of time eradicating junk from my room. Can’t think why!


This morning… well actually this afternoon (I forgot to wake up this morning) I did the samurai sudoku which comes in the magazine that accompanies the Saturday paper. I was disappointed to be able to complete one of the component sudokus without needing to refer to any other components. And then I finished the bottom three components without any reference to the top two. This is not right! They have got lazy and just jammed five sudokus with matching corners together!

a busy day

1. Very boring lecture on something. Almost finished the crossword except for 24 across (substance formed during putrefication of animal or vegetable matter, can be dangerous P_O_A_N_

2. A trip to the movies with three uni buddies to see X Men 3. I actually really enjoyed it. I’ve never seen/read any X Men stuff so I didn’t actually know that it was about mutants. I’ll have to see the other two movies now!

3. Lunch. A rather pleasant salad.

4. Problem based learning tutorials. My tutor (who is a biochem lecturer) told me the answer to 24 across. And together we grumbled about yesterday’s 9 letter scrambled word (kalanchoe… hello?!). Oh and did some work.

5. A trip to Officeworks.

6. Trip home. During which I almost completed another crossword.

7. Dinner.

8. The giving of presents to the mother for her birthday

9. Drove to the supermarket to buy a birthday apple pie.

10. Cooked and ate said pie.

i have sore joints

Today we had sessions with a hand/wrist specialist and a knee specialist. As a result of these sessions and the inevitable poking, prodding and manipulating of ones hands, wrists and knees; my hands, wrists and knees now hurt.

However I did get a diagnosis for why my fingers bend in funny ways – ligamentous laxity! It also explains why I used to fall over a lot!


It’s turned all cold! Now I know that 10 degrees celsius doesn’t sound cold to you people who live in cold places but Sydney is not fitted out for temperatures under about 20 degrees. Our houses are poorly insulated, we don’t tend to have large stocks of cold weather clothes (not much point buying stuff for the two cold weeks we get per year) and we’re just not used to it! It’s no colder than any previous winters but I reserve the right to comment that I am cold.

I do like winter though because of hot chocolate, wearing lots of layers of clothes, hot baths, sitting in front of heaters (used to have a fireplace til we finished burning the back fence and trees that came down in the storm of 1991 and hence had no wood sources anymore) and walking long distances without getting sweaty!

ah monday

This morning was anatomy where we examined the muscles of the hip, thigh and gluteal region. I think we need a new leg. Ours is getting a bit tatty.

Oh yes, and the man with the arm and the eyebrows. Well the arm was not a heart attack (wrong side, wrong symptoms) so I just gave him some Mersyndol (paracetamol/acetaminophen, codeine and a drowsy antihistamine… doxyalamine I think) so that he could sleep last night and told him to go to the doctor today as I had no idea what was wrong and even if I did, it probably needs something doctory. The eyebrows appeared to be fungal. Which is unusual but not unheard of. So I gave him Canestan liquid on the rationale that a) it’s an antifungal and hence should kill fungus and b) the liquid form would be less unpleasant in the eyebrows than the cream. And Jan you’ll be pleased to know that I did tell him to close the corresponding eye when applying it!

In other news it’s a bit chilly and I hate having showers on chilly nights because getting out is very… chilly!