Monthly Archives: April 2006

weird things

I have been tagged by Nat the Nut

Once you are tagged you MUST write a blog entry about your 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I like representing major sporting events using the medium of cake.

2. I bought a whiteboard so that I could practice having tutorials in the comfort of my own room.

3. I have a can collection. It used to hang on my wall but then I needed to move it to make room for my bookcase collection. Now some of it is on my bookcase and some of it is under the house.

4. I always carry a stapler around with me at uni just in case someone has loose sheets of paper that need a staple in them. The staples in it are purple. It’s a Little Beastie model stapler. Highly recommended.

5. I bought a new bed so that the underbed storage containers that I bought a few months earlier would fit under my bed. And the height of my new bed from the floor was the main selection criteria.

6. When my head is convinced that someone’s name is something different to what it actually is, I prefer to convince them to answer to their alternative name than to work on correcting my own brain on the matter.

So who will be next…
1. Miss Lisa
2. Tired and Emotional
3. Liza
4. Dee
5. ferijen
6. Tired and Emotional

Why snot is green

Snot is green because of an enzyme released by neutrophils (a white blood cell, part of the immune system) called myeloperoxidase. Myeloperoxidase destroys DNA and is bright green in colour. How about that?

chocolate chocolate chocolate

I’d really like some. Chocolate that is. In case you didn’t guess.

In other news it’s the weekend! And it’s not just the weekend it’s a long weekend! For me anyway. Due to not having anything to do on Monday. No-one really knows why this is. But we’re not complaining.

Ok, today’s crossword unfinished business is:

Clue: prim and perfect condition

_ P _ L _ /P _ E / _ R _ E _

We’re thinking apple pie something… but what?!

in other news

I just changed the lightbulb in my bedroom for the first time. Obviously it has been changed before but I have never done it. Due to being scared of bayonet cap light bulbs. However my father was not due home til about now (in fact he just walked in the door) and it is dark now and I wanted to utilise my room before now so I did it meself. A fine job I did too. I even did it twice because I wanted to see what the free lightbulbs from the government are like but they are not bright enough for my purposes.

yay me!

So today my crossword team (me and the guy next to me) beat the other two teams hands down. We were so good. We are still missing one word but google is not helping me at this point. Can anyone think of a word for disparage where the second letter is D? It has about 7 letters… I can’t reach the paper right now. Also I achieved my highest cryptic crossword score ever of 4. That is quite good really. We’re thinking that we will have some lessons on how to do cryptic crosswords in our study group. Which may start tomorrow…

Hmm other excitement? No. Afraid not. Tomorrow morning I have an 8am lecture which means getting a train before 7am which makes me sad. And also cold. I think I will have to have my annual heater test drive tonight. To test drive a heater, you take it into a room that doesn’t have flammable stuff (eg. the bathroom) and turn it on for a while. If it doesn’t burst into flames, then all is well. If it smells like burning then you leave it on until it either stops smelling like burning (ie. the dust has all been burnt up) or it bursts into flames (at which point it is discarded).

a sense of achievement

I have just run a relatively new pen out of ink, such is the enormous amount of writing I have done. What an accomplishment!

In other news, the hot chocolate with marshmallows season has arrived! And there was much hurrahing! I have just had to buy our second packet of marshmallows of the season. Something happens to them and they disappear…

And when I’ve finished looking at learning topics for rubella in pregnancy, I will be up to date with my notes! Another cause for hurrah! Oh and one more cause for hurrah is that so far I have avoided watching Big Brother 06. Now that I know I am susceptible to reality television, I have to be very careful.