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Wiblog entry for 28/02/2006

Woolworths Home Brand liquorice bullets are really very good. Although probably eating a whole bag of the things is not particularly good for me…

I just had a bowl of cereal with linseed meal on it for my lunch. Linseed is a source of protein and probably good fats as well. It didn’t do anything bad to the taste of my muesli flakes plus so I am quite pleased.

Tomorrow at the hospital we are learning how to scrub up, gown and glove for theatre. Operating theatre that is. There will be no wigs or colourful costumes. I think it will all start feeling a bit real when we look like the doctors on tv!

a travesty

Someone has changed the recipe for Five Flavours lifesavers. This yay is VERY NOT IMPRESSED. They used to be clear as well and now they’re opaque. And much stickier than before too. If I write to the company and complain do you think I could ask them to send me something else as compensation??? I don’t just want another packet of bog standard Five Flavours. Hmph.

In other news, Peppermint Crisp bars have new packaging but have retained their original taste and texture. Funnily enough they are made by the same company as Lifesavers. Hmmmm we could be onto something here…

thunder and lightning

There’s quite a bit of a storm going on outside… I suppose it is not very wise of me to be wiblogging in a storm… ah well.

Today at work I bought linseed meal and bourghal. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the linseed meal but I am going to make tabouli with the bourghal! Mmmmmmmmmm. I like working at the pharmacy with the health food section. All sorts of things with funny names. Jack (the Lass) would probably find all sorts of organic vegematarian goodness to snack on!

so studious

If you count Scrubs, I have done 5 hours of study today. If you don’t… what’s 5 hours minus 6 episodes?

Tomorrow I’m off to be a pharmacist for 12 hours. So far I haven’t learnt any useful skills that I can practise on my pharmacy patients. Ah well. Maybe next time.

In other news, it’s bedtime now.

one week finished

As last week was officially denoted week 0 or possibly O (for orientation), this was the first week where we had classes every day.

Verdict: I think I am going to enjoy medicine. I’m starting to make friends, the workload is challenging but interesting, the course structure is great, hospital day is fun and I’m looking forward to sticking needles into people in a couple of weeks!

Today we had a lecture from someone who I have very little academic respect for. Her statistics were terrible and the journal articles she quoted were questionable. Luckily I was in the overflow lecture theatre (which gets live video feed of the lecture as the medicine and dentistry students don’t fit into one lecture theatre) and hence was able to heckle without getting in trouble. A good time was had by all in the overflow.

I hate the utilisation of glucose by cells

ATP ADP AMP NADH NAD+ NADPH FADH2 G6P F16BP FDJASSLJSEIJFLS GAH! When I finished biochemistry in second year pharmacy I declared that never again would the Krebs Cycle darken the doors of my mind. But it’s darkening them people!! It’s darkening them!

So it was hospital day today! I didn’t use my stethoscope but I did wear it round my neck for a bit. We saw some real live patients!! Although one of them, when asked what he was in for, replied “I’m dying”… this was a tad offputting for the poor guy in his first week of medical school who’d never come across any patients before. As the patient also was of the opinion that it’s 1967, it’s possible that he may not be assessing his situation very accurately at the moment. Our tutor didn’t seem to think the end was nigh.

hospital day tomorrow!

How exciting and terrifying and exciting!!

The last time I went to this particular hospital was for my TB test in 4th year pharmacy. At the time, a popular medical drama (which I don’t watch any more because it’s all drama and no medicine) was being filmed in a ward next to the chest clinic and so the nurse and I peeped in to watch the action after I’d had TB bugs put under my skin.

The only other time I’ve been there was when I was born. My mother is very excited that the clinical school offices are in the maternity building. Connections and all that.


Someone has stolen:

1. My hole punch
2. My white-out pen

All family members deny culpability. Who did it then?!

In other news, tonight I diligently studied for 2 hours. It’s not even the day before exams! What’s happening?

Today we looked at sections of an atherosclerotic artery under the microscope. We could see the red blood cells in the clot, the necrotic core of the atherosclerotic plaque, the part of the artery wall where the smooth muscle cells had turned into naughty prolific-synthetic cells, the inflammatory mediators all clustered around the dying cells… wow.

a busy afternoon

2pm: decided I needed a new bed
3pm: managed to fit Ikea bed into Astra hatchback
4pm: commenced construction
5pm: church
6:30pm: recommenced construction
7:30pm: I have a new bed!!

My old bed is out on the veranda. Hopefully the council will come and take it away.

Now my under bed storage containers will fit under my bed! The room of yay is now storage central!