Monthly Archives: December 2005


So yes, it’s very hot. REALLY hot. Like so hot. As in the thermometers must be registering readings that are quite elevated. By the way, did I mention that it’s hot?

It’s also my favourite fruit season of the year. Watermelon, mango, cherries.

And colouring in. A nice passive activity to keep oneself occupied under the air conditioner. Today I did some further work on cells and also skin. I have used 25 of my 36 Faber Castells. The nine still to get a work out are numbers 316 (an orangey reddy colour), 399 (black – difficult to see details underneath black colouring), 363 (dark green, see comment for black. Also quite similar to 357), 361 (also dark green, quite similar to 363), 376, 378 and 388 (all browns, I don’t like brown much), 335 (too similar to 333) and 301 (white. WHY?!!).

top of the class

So I’ve started my colouring book. Last night I did the regions of the body and things like lateral, medial, proximal and distal and also a page on cells. Does starting learning before uni starts make me really nerdy??


I just went shopping and bought:
* An anatomy colouring in book
* A medical dictionary
* Pickled onions
* A t shirt
* Some board shorts

Now I am eating pickled onions and potato salad. When I finish I might do some colouring in!

changes and stuff

It’s a bit weird being me at the moment. Everything is in a state of flux. I don’t think I’ve used “flux” in a sentence since year 12 physics. Work is particularly odd because I am floundering around trying to work out how to tell my “regulars” that I’m leaving… in a week. I’ve told a couple of my methadone patients that I’m moving on to medicine and I think they’ve probably told the rest… it’s quite an efficient information sharing network really. But then I’m only MOSTLY leaving so I don’t want to make a leaving speech and then see the recipients of the speech a few weeks later when I work on a Saturday or in my holidays. Do I tell them that I’m changing to part time? But I sort of only work part time anyway. As part time as 39 hours over 3 days is.

I think I’m possibly overestimating my significance. But I do know that people get attached to their pharmacist – this was evident from the huge number of Christmas cards/presents piled up in the dispensary. It took me a few months to gain their confidence when I started. Every second conversation started with “Where’s X? He was so good to me and helped so much” or something like that. I have much confidence in my replacement and so I am not worried about whether these people will be looked after. It’s more worrying that they will feel that I’ve left without telling them.


and again!

Two public holidays in a row is a bit much for my patience. I’ve run out of public holiday jobs to do.

Oh yes! I let my brother take my new car to beach mission! We share the car and he can’t take Mum’s car because a) it probably wouldn’t make it and b) it wouldn’t fit 2 people, a drum kit, a guitar and luggage for two people for two weeks. So I am slightly anxious about its wellbeing but he is a good driver and a sensible lad so I’m sure it’ll be fine. But it means that I have to drive Mum’s Festiva which has no power steering or air conditioner and isn’t as nice to drive as my lovely Astra. I don’t know why I mentioned this… maybe I thought you should all know what a nice sister I am and how good my brother is to be able to be trusted with my new car!

boxing day

Rearranging stock! Lalalalalalaaaaa

Ah public holidays. A mix of housekeeping and roving raving nutters whose normal pharmacies are closed. Apparently if we don’t have any customers tonight we can close early. I am hoping for the best but it has been fairly busy so far so we may have to hang in until 9. Hmph.

Ooh there are some people having a domestic over headlice in the parasite aisle! Brilliant!

all done

So the festivities have ended and all non-resident family members have departed. Somehow I made it through the afternoon without having a sleep. Well done me!

Yesterday I bought a 5kg box of cherries from a van by the side of the road. I also bought a box of mangoes fromm the same van (this was on the way to pick up the people across the road’s cats from the cattery). This Christmas is the year of the cherry. I have eaten an awful lot of cherries since yesterday. We have also give bags of them to both sets of grandparents, my cousin and a lady from church. The mangoes should start being ripe from tomorrow. I love summer fruit!

Back to work tomorrow to deal with the usual public holiday lunatics and odd folk. But only six more shifts at my current work!! then five at my boss’s other shop… then Vietnam… then uni!!! Hurrah!!