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don’t worry parents, I’m not dead, just running late!

Last night at work I said that I’d drive my friend (who was working too) home so that she didn’t have to wait ages for a bus. I’d never driven to her house before but it was a pleasant evening and how bad could it be?

Hah! A huge storm hit at around 8:45, 15 minutes before closing time. It kept storming til I’d dropped off my friend and navigated through unfamiliar backstreets back to known roads. Then it cleared. Typical. It was the scariest drive I’ve had in my short driving life!

As predicted, the parents were fretting about my wellbeing but as they were at bible study, they didn’t get my message. Ah well, by the time they got home I was back anyway.

the creme has been bruleed

And I can report that it turned out just like the picture and tasted delicious!

And I can also report that the quantities for the icing sugar are one heaped teaspoon per ramekin for the first firing and another for the second.

Furthermore, my blow torch is loads of fun and it would not be anywhere near as fun doing the toffee bit under the griller rather than by blow torch.

how to make creme brulee*

Gather your ingredients:
6 egg yolks
1/4 cup caster sugar
a vanilla bean pod (or I used the vanilla bean paste cos I’m a cheater)
3 cups of cream
some amount of icing sugar

Scrape the seeds out of the pod into a bowl with the egg yolks and sugar
Put the pod into a saucepan with the cream
Simultaneously heat the cream and pod to nearly boiling while whisking the egg yolks and sugar (you may need an extra pair of hands)
When the cream is hot, gradually pour it into the bowl while whisking
Set the bowl above simmering water and stir for 10 minutes or until it thickens. I stirred for about 20 minutes and saw no signs of thickening and gave up. Seems ok so far though!
Set out 6 half cup ramekins in a baking dish
Pour cream mixture into the ramekins (up to the top)
Fill the baking dish with boiling water 3/4 of the way up the sides of the ramekins
Bake in a medium slow (erm… 160 odd degrees celsius) oven for 20 minutes or until set
Remove from baking tray and cool to room temp then refrigerate for 2-3 hours or overnight
(I’m up to here)
Either put the ramekins in a baking dish full of ice, sprinkle with half the quantity of icing sugar and grill under a hot griller til melted then cover with the other half and grill till brown
Or do the same thing but use a blow torch instead of a griller.

*As i haven’t finished making mine I’m not sure that this will work…

a conversation

Customer: You’ve taken my script
Yay: Erm… I don’t think so… hang on (checks a weeks worth of scripts)… I see no sign of it
C: Well you must have because I don’t have it here
Y: Well I’m sorry but I don’t have them. We didn’t dispense that prescription that day so you must still have the original at home.
C: No! I gave it to you! You threw it out!
Y: We don’t throw prescriptions out. We wrap rubber bands around them and place them in boxes*
C: But I have to meet some people at the airport!
Y: I can make you up your medicines and we’ll just get a new script
C: But I brought them in here! You took them and you must have thrown them away!
Y: Mr Idiothead*, we do NOT throw scripts away. However in regard to today’s problem, I will give you your medicine now and then get a new script from the doctor
C: But I can’t go and pick it up! I have to go to the airport at 11!
Y: The doctor will post it to me, don’t worry about that
C: But I can’t get to the doctor. And I need this medication!
Y: You don’t NEED to go to the doctor. I will fix that all up.
C: (blah blah blah blah)
meanwhile Yay dispenses the prescription plus another one that I presumably didn’t steal
Y: Could you please sign and date here?

Post script: Between starting this entry and finishing it, the customer has since come in and apologised. Turns out I didn’t steal his script after all.

*I didn’t say these bits but I would have liked to!


Yesterday I made Portugese custard tarts. Then, as I had 3 egg whites left over, I made mini pavlovas which were served with blueberries and ice cream. Also made crab and angelhair pasta for dinner. My friend who popped over on her way to play hockey in my brother’s team was most impressed with the food dished up.

My typhoid arm doesn’t hurt much anymore.

Oh yes, also yesterday I bought a blow torch for making creme brulee with!


I decided to go to Vietnam! For 2 weeks! I bought my tickets today! And applied for a passport! And bought a travel book! And had a typhoid vaccine! How exciting!

I’ll be based at my friend’s cousins’ place in Ho Chi Mingh city and we’re also travelling down to the Mekong Delta and up to… erm… Nha Trang and some other places.

I think this is the most spontaneous thing I’ve done in a while…

and we ate

Yesterday was the Christmas party for my Saturday work. This was remarkable because I believe it’s the first time my boss has organised the Christmas party for before Christmas. Also the party for last year was in April of this year so that means he’s had two Christmas parties in six months. Amazing.

We went to the seafood buffet at the Intercontinental Hotel. VERY NICE. Especially the dessert department. When we left my words were “I’m never eating again”… I was a bit full! Apart from the creme brulee (sp?), the other thing that impressed me was the resident clown. She came up to our table and introduced herself “… and I will be your clown for the afternoon”. It struck me that being a resident clown in a posh hotel is not a career path that I’ve ever considered… maybe I should!

cooking cooking cooking

Today is cooking day! Hurrah! I just need to get out of bed first…

I am also going to watch my brother’s hockey game so that I can meet his friend who will be doing medicine with me next year. Maybe she can be my friend too!!

In other news… I’ve run out of blueberry bagels.