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I just went to both my local supermarkets in search of liquorice bullets. Supermarket #1 had none to speak of. Supermarket two had their own brand ones which are the worst bullets EVER. Tiny amounts of liquorice in a huge amount of vegetable oil based “chocolate”… gah. I was in a rage. I eventually found my favourite brand of chocolate coated sultanas at supermarket #2 (only available for Christmas – a) hello it’s OCTOBER and b) why only for Christmas? Why can’t I eat them all year round?!). However, I think they may have changed the recipe and are now using lower quality chocolate. This makes me so mad! GAH!

more on cockroaches

There is an article in the Sydney Magazine today about cockroaches. I haven’t read it because I didn’t have much of an attention span this morning but I think it may talk about why Sydney cockroaches are worse than other types – I THINK they might be feral! Feral cats and chooks are big and scary so I would imagine feral cockroaches would be too.

Maybe I should read articles before I discuss them.

fly spray

I think I have had a fly spray overdose. Tonight at work there were a LOT of flying insects. I went on a bit of a spraying spree and terminated at least 16 of them. I’d never seen flies fall out of the air before… amazing. The fly spray at work was Lure and Kill. It actually smelt pretty good.

Then I arrived home and found a cockroach in my room. I sprayed it with “Odourless, Low Irrritant, Insect Seeking” spray. I prefer the non-odourless stuff. Odourless smells worse than citrus. Although what does it mean that I like Lure and Kill fly spray? Does that imply I am an insect of some sort?

And sorry, but I can’t just live and let live. The flies at work are what I have termed bumble flies. They’re giant and keep hitting me in the head. Turning off the lights may help with controlling them but it would not be good for business. And I cannot sleep with a cockroach in my room. They tend to climb up the walls then fall off and land on my face. Not cool.

a tale of woe

So I had a long and happy relationship with my bath tub. We got along famously. There were no complaints. Then, as I have mentioned, the time came for us to get a new bathroom. I was apprehensive about this (I think I mentioned my apprehension earlier come to think of it…. I seem to recall some comments re testing toilets and bath tubs) but as preserving my old bath in the new bathroom was not an option, resigned myself to a new tub. After all, if it was going to fill the same spot, surely there would not be much difference right? Wrong!

The new bathtub is deeper. Which does not sound like a bad thing until you think about it further. See a bath is really a parallelogram with the ends being the two sides that are not parallel to each other (Smudgie, are you impressed with my L placement in parallel?). Now if the angles between the ends and the bottom are the same in two bath tubs where one tub is deeper than the other, the deeper bathtub will have a shorter bottom (that sounds rude for some reason) thus making it feel shorter and therefore less comfortable for the taller bather. A deeper bath tub is also pointless in a land where we are only allowed to water our gardens on Wednesdays and Sundays before 10am! What do they propose we fill the extra depths with?!

I will still have to use the bath occasionally because I can’t shave my legs while standing in the shower (which now has two clear glass sides and makes me feel very exposed) but it is no longer my refuge and place where I go to relax. This is very sad.


So I went swimming. I turned up at the pool of first choice and found there were children everywhere… some school learn to swim program. That would never do. But it meant I got to drive further in my new car. Departed for a further away pool. Disadvantages: indoor. Advantages: far enough from home that I wouldn’t see anyone I knew.

I realised how unfit I am. Or at least how unfit I am in the realm of swimming. I probably swam about… 400m (but half the pool was being used for water polo so it felt like lots of laps). Then decided that was enough for today and came home.

Apparently exercise doesn’t count if you only do it once though. Shame that. So next week will try to do it twice. Wednesday and Thursday. If I ever get really motivated I could even go realllllly early before work… but trying to look nice for work after dragging self through concentrated chlorine solution could be tricky. Unless I shave my head…

i hate exercise

However, it seems that I should be doing some… you know, for my health. And all that. I am not a team sports person. I don’t like running. Not into things at gyms or classes (yoga etc)… so swimming it is.

Have decided to take up swimming today. But it’s not very nice weather. The advantages to this are that there probably won’t be many people at the pool and the pool will feel nice and warm compared to outside. The disadvantages are that it will be freezing when I get out and it’s not very nice weather and I just don’t want to. Although I do want to in theory.

And it’s not actually raining. And I get to drive my nice new car to the pool. Wish me luck and don’t let me get away with not going!


My car is here!! Hurrah!

It’s very pretty and goes very nicely and hard to stay in the speed limits with. And it has a cool folding key that springs out when you press a button.

That was a good girly description hey?

No pics yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Today after I picked it up I went to the grandparents and showed them then took them on a drive to my house to see the new bathroom then took them back home. Loads of grand-daughter points for me.

all groan up

I just bought a car!!! It’s a brand new Holden Astra and it’s a dark silver colour and very pretty and has everything I want (except a refrigerated glovebox but I think I can live without that) and I can pick it up on Wednesday.

I will be slightly broke for a while but that’s ok. I have this great arrangement with my boss where she pays me every week. All I have to do is turn up and act like a pharmacist. Pretty cool hey?

Wiblog entry for 15/10/2005

I should take Fridays off more often. It feels like I’ve been on holidays for weeks. Beautiful. AND I still have tomorrow off!!

I did work this morning but told my Saturday boss that if anyone called asking for a job, he could give them mine. He said he’d start looking for someone. This is good. Whether he will look for someone or not is another matter. But we’ll see.

Tomorrow is car shopping day with the brothers. Exciting and scary. Yes Ian, photos will follow. Also of my current car which must be remembered during this time. Poor thing. Note to self: remember to take parking permit out of current car before trading it in…

progress of a kind

So yes. Set out this morning to get a pink slip for the little Corolla. The first place said to come back tomorrow. As did the second. Made a booking at the second anyway as they were marginally more helpful than the first. Then I went to do a spot of shopping. Bought a Creative Neon Zen 5GB MP3 player and speakers to replace my stereo. I actually intended to buy a book. But this didn’t happen. Also came across my grandparents by chance and had iced chocolate and banananana bread with them.

On the way home, I stopped at my favourite service station and put in half a tank of petrol. On a whim I went to talk to the mechanic about a pink slip. He said he could do it in an hour. Woohoo! Then he asked which car was mine. “Oh dear”.. hmmm this wasn’t going well. He had a look over the car, pointing out features of interest – the bald front tire (only one was bald), the cracked windscreen, the rust… “this is all sounding like it’ll cost more than the car’s worth to fix” I say…. “should I just buy a new car?”. Yes. So I have cancelled my pink slip inspection and booked my brother to go car shopping this weekend instead. What an adventure!