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Customer holding two scripts: So which one of these is more important?
Yay: erm… what’s it for?
Customer: Well nothing really…
Yay:… is either of them a placebo? That would be the best?*

*I didn’t actually say this bit but I wish I had

Wiblog entry for 26/09/2005

No signs of my nemesis this morning. I was a few minutes late leaving so he may have beaten me today.

In other news, the Ribena bottle and the sauce bottle at work are nearly empty. Luckily Ribena can be obtained through our wholesaler (I always knew Ribena was a drug). And as I am on healthy eating crusade #3492 it’s probably not a bad thing that the sauce bottle is empty because everything that goes under sauce is not very good for me. Sad that.

In yet more other news, the other pharmacist is on holidays and I am working crazy hours for the next two weeks. Apparently it’s acceptable if I put my white coat on and simply be here for the extra shifts. I can do that.

“everyone needs a nemesis”

This quote came up in a conversation between my boss and I today regarding workplace issues. I can’t remember who said it but it was one of us.

Anyway, just this morning on the way to work I realised that I have a nemesis!! It’s a red Holden Commodore that tailgates me to the main road some mornings. This morning it overtook me on a single-lane-in-each-direction road however despite all its weaving and being a jerk on the main road, I still beat it to where it turned off the main road. Current score is in fact Yay 2, Jerk Nemesis 0. Hah!

eating red things

My favourite fresh foods at the moment are:

1. Strawberries
2. Grape tomatoes.

I have eaten 1.5 punnets of strawberries and 1 punnet of grape tomatoes. I wonder if there are any adverse effects?

In other news, the brother and I just bought a dvd/video player for the grandparents. They wanted a combined unit to reduce the amount of remote controls and confusion. I think they’ll be able to use this one. It looks fairly simple.

oh dear

Ok so last night I came home and went to check my email. But suddenly it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember my password. I could remember the beginning and end of it but not the middle digit… was it a number or a letter? I tried 3 or 4 different things then gave up and hoped it would return to me in the morning. Thankfully it did. Am I getting old?

Today the electricians are here putting lights in the bathroom. They have been talking about the reformation and how it affected working hours. It’s important to have historically aware electricians.


No improvement in the eyes this morning so I have changed to a different antibiotic. I’ve decided that if there’s no improvement by this afternoon then I will have to go to a doctor. But I don’t know what they’d do that’s any different to what I’m doing. And it’s a pain having to find a pharmacist to work so that I can go and be told to keep doing what I’m doing.

Apparently someone at the shop I worked at last Thursday has also developed conjunctivitis. She blames her neighbour. The rest of them blame me. “Does this mean I can have this Thursday off?”… apparently not. Gah!

gooood evening

Tonight I am truanting church (where I believe the sermon will be based on the passage “do not give up meeting together as some of us are in the habit of doing”) and instilling the drops every hour. I was a bit noncompliant with my treatment and have regressed. If I am not making any progress by tomorrow I might change to a different antibiotic agent. I think my noncompliance may have caused resistance to develop.

Yeah. The End.

thank you tech support guy

I just called tech support to find out why my printers aren’t working very well and guess what?! They’re fixed now! It always surprises me when that happens. Somehow I just assume it will take multiple phone calls to many departments and the end result won’t be what I wanted anyway.

Last night my younger brother and I took our older brother on one of our Thursday night rampages. On Thursday nights I am usually somewhat restless and need to get out of the house. Usually these adventures involve high speed navigation around a shopping centre (the only place to go on a Thursday night around here… not much else happening), the buying of fun stuff and getting up to mischief with Elmo displays. Last night we did not get up to mischief with the Elmo displays because the older brother is a bit reticent about such things and we did not want to make him sad. We also fill the car with petrol on Thursday nights. Because this is when it needs more.

I bought series one of the Family Guy on dvd. I had just finished watching disc 2 of series 2 and needed more. Very funny show that is.

thank you bathroom man!

I was just lying on my bed trying desperately not to fall asleep but lacking the ability to move. I knew that I required some sort of catalyst to make me get up but it seemed unlikely to happen. THEN the phone rang! It was the bathroom man telling me that the tilers are coming tomorrow “at 7:30 I’m afraid, a bit early hey?”. Hah! I am at work by 7:30. Let them come at 6:45 for all I care!

My eye is recovering nicely. I had a bit of trouble getting the ointment in it last night. Particularly into the second eye as the first eye was blurry from the ointment by that stage. But we got there in the end.

In other news I think I will try to get my brother to come and watch the new Wallace and Grommit movie with me tonight.


One or more of the six grotty people who came in with conjunctivitis on Monday has passed on the affliction to my fine self. All day yesterday people were commenting on my red eye. Then at closing time a regular customer said “I think you have conjunctivitis”… at this point I decided to look in a mirror. For some reason I forgot to pick up some chloramphenicol drops/ointment before leaving work but my mother went to the pharmacy she works at this morning and has set me up.

Did you know that you can tell when the drops have made it to your eye because you can taste the chloramphenicol in your mouth a few minutes later. Amazing!