Monthly Archives: August 2005

hurrah! day off!!

Oh how pleasant it was to wake at 6:15 this morning, turn over and go back to sleep.

I almost had an unwanted adventure last night. I had just got into bed and my phone rang. It was my boss saying that the security company had called to say the alarm at work wasn’t on. Which was odd really because I remember turning it on and hearing it beep to say that all was well. But anyway. He couldn’t go to investigate himself because I have his keys. Gah. Work is a half hour drive away. I had just worked for 26 of the last 36 hours and was somewhat tired. I called the other pharmacist who has keys and lives 5 minutes from the pharmacy. Thankfully she went to sort it out and all was well with the world.

In other news, we have to get our bathrooms redone. My mother was under the house the other day (I can’t think why… it didn’t occur to me to ask) and noticed mushrooms growing under each bathroom (actually we only have one bathroom, the other is an ensuite with a shower in it). This was a Sign that the water from the showers is not making it down the drains. And our bathrooms are due for a refurbishment. Apparently with new toilets you don’t have to keep bashing them until the water stops running!

But anyway, I am apprehensive about this because it will mean getting a new bath. I am quite attached to my bath. We have had a long and harmonious relationship and I do not relish the thought of getting used to a new bath. They may not have known much about bathroom colour schemes in the 70s but they were quite good at making baths.

And unlike getting a new bed, you can’t go into the bath shop and try out all the baths. Well I guess you *could* but… yeah.

workplace negotiations

This afternoon it was decided that the other pharmacist who usually stays til closing time (this is at nasty work from last year) would leave early and I would close up and because of that get next Wednesday off. This pleases me greatly. I badly need a day off.

There are photos of the tree. However I can’t be bothered to do anything with them tonight. Maybe on the weekend.

In other news, I think it’s time for bed.

tree day!

Today’s the day! You know! Cranes, chainsaws, mulching trucks, road closures and all that! And I’m at work. Hmph. I have left my mother with instructions on how to use my camera (turn it on, point it at object you wish to take a photo of and press the button) and am hoping for the best. It’ll be sad to get home with the tree gone. There’ll be a big hole in the front yard!

In other news, every grumpy person in the universe visited me yesterday. Gah! I was in a bit of a rage by dinner time. Which was then interrupted by more grumpy people.