a story

Last night on my way home I saw a petrol station with the bargain price of $1.17 per litre (hah!). So I stopped by to fill up. It was a bit of a circus really because there was a sign on the pump saying I had to prepay. Fair enough, this is to stop people driving off without paying and apparently it’s quite common now particularly after 7pm. Well anyway, the guy inside didn’t seem to know what I was talking about when I went to give him some money. But he took it eventually and I went out to do the deed.

When I had put in my $30.01 worth of petrol, I got to the tricky part – putting my petrol cap back on. The tubey bit doesn’t quite line up with the hole in the side of my car. So this is hard. I stood there for a while twiddling it round with no success and a truck pulled up behind me. The driver got out to see if the pump in front of me had diesel. Which I assume it did. Then he looked at me. I gave him the petrol cap and said “you put this on and I’ll go and pay so that I can get out of your way”. Then I remembered that I’d already paid. But I hadn’t received a receipt! I wasn’t going to let those fatcat petrol criminals try to say that I hadn’t paid! So I went back in anyway to get my receipt and by this stage the petrol station guy seemed to have worked out what was going on.

Then I went to pick up my brother from the station. I parked in four car spaces simultaneously. Then went into the supermarket to buy some Coco Pops while I was waiting. The brother found me near the biscuit aisle.

“Nice park” he said.

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  1. Miss Lisa’s parking rules No 1 … when parking, and brothers are involved in any way, park however the hell you want and ignore them … if they don’t like it they can walk 🙂

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