more progress

Yesterday I had a fit of activity and removed the can collection. It is now sitting under the house waiting for the next phase of the project. I also removed all the books from bookcase #2 and moved bookcase #2 to the space formerly occupied by the can collection. This morning I woke up and looked at the chaos around me and wondered why. But there are now books on bookcase#2 which makes the situation slightly less bleak. But the pile of stuff on the floor seems much greater than that which ever filled BC#2. Odd really.

Other things on to do list today:
1. Top pavlovas with tasty things
2. Put lasagne and chicken thing in oven at appropriate time
3. Um… I can’t remember
4. Put smile on face and be friendly to brother’s friends who are coming for dinner 🙂
5. Work on the disaster zone in my room. Gah. How can someone who throws so much stuff out and doesn’t buy much still have so much stuff?!