not much to report

There is not much to report from yayland at the moment. I have finally finished the month of too much work. Although I did have to give one of my bosses a piece of my mind yesterday for many and varied reasons. He has promised to reform but we’ll see what happens. I certainly do not need my Saturday morning job. It is a favour to him rather than much needed income. Somehow I don’t think it’s right that if he poaches my assistant to work in his deli, he should let his two youngest children (aged 1 and 7) hang out in the pharmacy where I am trying to get my job done by myself with equipment that doesn’t work.

So this week hopefully I will have two days off. I have a feeling that the other pharmacist will ask me to work all the mornings but I am going to say no. Note to self: make appointments of some sort for Wednesday and thursday mornings.

I really just have my computer turned on so that I can recharge my ipod. I am flitting between reading a Chalet School book (a friend and I almost have all of them now!!) and wiblogging and working on a Sudoku. A nice Sunday afternoon.

The End.

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