the quest

I am on a quest to find a new bookcase. It must be very sturdy. I have loads of books and they are heavy. It must also have at least one shelf which will fit tall books in it. And it should be deep to allow a double row of smaller books on higher shelves if necessary. There are some books that do not require constant display but still must be kept.

I am not a “never throw out a book” person. Some books are truly not very good. They are not abysmal enough to keep as a curiosity for future generations they are merely not particularly worth reading. These are culled every once in a while and given to the scout jumble sale.

During my travels yesterday I was unsuccessful in finding a good bookcase. However I did pick up four more books to go on the bookcase when I find it. So all was not lost.

4 thoughts on “the quest

  1. "Some books are truly not very good."

    How right you are. Some books literally cannot be given away. I once bought a book called "The Natural Superiority of Men" which had successive pencilled cross-offs and re-pricing downward until sold to me for 25 cents. I still have it as it is fun to annotate rudely and also has some interesting stuff on gender determination in utero.

  2. What have the Scouts ever done to you, to deserve to be the final resting place of "books which are truly not very good"?

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