Monthly Archives: August 2005

things I’m thinking of doing today

Buying new jeans, further work on creating room for another bookcase, making an optometrist appointment, baking something, writing a letter to someone, watching dvds, going swimming, wandering aimlessly, playing a musical instrument, working in my garden, driving somewhere, having a nap, sitting on the balcony and enjoying the springy weather, sudoku, whatever takes my fancy.

a story

Last night on my way home I saw a petrol station with the bargain price of $1.17 per litre (hah!). So I stopped by to fill up. It was a bit of a circus really because there was a sign on the pump saying I had to prepay. Fair enough, this is to stop people driving off without paying and apparently it’s quite common now particularly after 7pm. Well anyway, the guy inside didn’t seem to know what I was talking about when I went to give him some money. But he took it eventually and I went out to do the deed.

When I had put in my $30.01 worth of petrol, I got to the tricky part – putting my petrol cap back on. The tubey bit doesn’t quite line up with the hole in the side of my car. So this is hard. I stood there for a while twiddling it round with no success and a truck pulled up behind me. The driver got out to see if the pump in front of me had diesel. Which I assume it did. Then he looked at me. I gave him the petrol cap and said “you put this on and I’ll go and pay so that I can get out of your way”. Then I remembered that I’d already paid. But I hadn’t received a receipt! I wasn’t going to let those fatcat petrol criminals try to say that I hadn’t paid! So I went back in anyway to get my receipt and by this stage the petrol station guy seemed to have worked out what was going on.

Then I went to pick up my brother from the station. I parked in four car spaces simultaneously. Then went into the supermarket to buy some Coco Pops while I was waiting. The brother found me near the biscuit aisle.

“Nice park” he said.

I have made a decision

to eat my food off plates rather than out of takeaway containers. A lot of my meals are take away at the moment. However it is hard to judge quantities when eating compacted food from a non plate shaped container. So I tend to eat it all. But I don’t think this is a good thing. So from now on I will eat like a civilised person.

My friend Suzy through whom I found this job is working with me today. This is exciting because I’ve only had her as an assistant once since I started. She brought a very tasty apple crumble thing 🙂

more progress

Yesterday I had a fit of activity and removed the can collection. It is now sitting under the house waiting for the next phase of the project. I also removed all the books from bookcase #2 and moved bookcase #2 to the space formerly occupied by the can collection. This morning I woke up and looked at the chaos around me and wondered why. But there are now books on bookcase#2 which makes the situation slightly less bleak. But the pile of stuff on the floor seems much greater than that which ever filled BC#2. Odd really.

Other things on to do list today:
1. Top pavlovas with tasty things
2. Put lasagne and chicken thing in oven at appropriate time
3. Um… I can’t remember
4. Put smile on face and be friendly to brother’s friends who are coming for dinner 🙂
5. Work on the disaster zone in my room. Gah. How can someone who throws so much stuff out and doesn’t buy much still have so much stuff?!

a dutiful citizen

I have now completed my tax return. I just have to sit back and wait for the tax office to deposit the $$ into my bank account. Last year it took them a week. I was quite impressed.

In other news I am still pondering the bookcase dilemma. Have I ever posted a picture of my can collection? I don’t think so. It may need to be moved. But we’ll see. Maybe I need floor to ceiling bookshelves with one of those slidey ladder things that they have in libraries on tv. That would be way cool. Not sure how it’d work with my slanty ceiling though. And it could be a bit expensive.

not much to report

There is not much to report from yayland at the moment. I have finally finished the month of too much work. Although I did have to give one of my bosses a piece of my mind yesterday for many and varied reasons. He has promised to reform but we’ll see what happens. I certainly do not need my Saturday morning job. It is a favour to him rather than much needed income. Somehow I don’t think it’s right that if he poaches my assistant to work in his deli, he should let his two youngest children (aged 1 and 7) hang out in the pharmacy where I am trying to get my job done by myself with equipment that doesn’t work.

So this week hopefully I will have two days off. I have a feeling that the other pharmacist will ask me to work all the mornings but I am going to say no. Note to self: make appointments of some sort for Wednesday and thursday mornings.

I really just have my computer turned on so that I can recharge my ipod. I am flitting between reading a Chalet School book (a friend and I almost have all of them now!!) and wiblogging and working on a Sudoku. A nice Sunday afternoon.

The End.

reporting from the prison

The other pharmacist is locked up on the footpath. She has two police officers making sure she doesn’t escape and a local reporter covering the event. The lock up your boss day pack included some plastic handcuffs but the police brought some proper ones.


Not feeling very well today. Have been sampling the fare at work in an effort to feel better. This would be more interesting if I worked at a chocolate shop or something.

Eating licorice bullets. Mmmmm.

In other news, tomorrow we are having Lock up Your Boss Day (see link on left, I forgot how to do html links). The other pharmacist signed up to lock up our boss. Unfortunately he is busy so we’re locking her up instead. Which means that I have to be here to be the pharmacist. This is slightly tricky because I am also working elsewhere tomorrow. If anyone wants to help raise bail to release the pharmacist and raise money for Kid’s Helpline and help me get to my other job only a bit late rather than very late, let me know!

Hmmm the lockee has just arrived to try on her prisoner suit and handcuffs. I’d best be going to put on my sherrif’s badge.


This afternoon I revoked my earlier vow never to go to Ikea on a weekend again. However it was a different Ikea to the last time I went – a lot bigger. Still scary but not as bad as before. Would hate to try and evacuate the place though – not simple to get out of once you’re in!

Some potential leads on the bookcase front. I have located one that I like however I am not sure that it will fit in the available space so will need to do some rearranging of furniture. Not sure how that will work however. We’ll see.

In other news, I have done a lot of sleeping in the last two days and am very excited that I only have one more week of crazy work hours left! Hurrah!

the quest

I am on a quest to find a new bookcase. It must be very sturdy. I have loads of books and they are heavy. It must also have at least one shelf which will fit tall books in it. And it should be deep to allow a double row of smaller books on higher shelves if necessary. There are some books that do not require constant display but still must be kept.

I am not a “never throw out a book” person. Some books are truly not very good. They are not abysmal enough to keep as a curiosity for future generations they are merely not particularly worth reading. These are culled every once in a while and given to the scout jumble sale.

During my travels yesterday I was unsuccessful in finding a good bookcase. However I did pick up four more books to go on the bookcase when I find it. So all was not lost.