Monthly Archives: July 2005

hi gang!

I started the next antijunk challenge yesterday. It’s a scavenger hunt. I have specified that items found must be able to be thrown out and that no-one is allowed to raid the dispensary for items starting with Z. Everyone has a beautifully decorated box to put their hoards in. I am fairly certain that my bosses think I am mad. Ah well.

In other news, I have done very little today. I went to work. Which was extremely dull. No-one wanted drugs this morning. They were probably all out having picnics or sleeping in. Lucky sods. Then I came home and had an afternoon sleep. This went for the rest of the day. Then I had to make a mercy mission to the supermarket to get some pasta sauce. Now I am here. Hopefully tomorrow will have more of the same activities.

The End.

spunky junk

The spunk junk punk slogan won the competition. I will have to make a banner to hang up in the pharmacy somewhere…

In other news, the lifesize cardboard cut out of Dawn Fraser standing near the door of the pharmacy has only fallen over once today. She fell over at least 10 times on Tuesday and I had to put her behind the counter. Unfortunately this gave some of the staff and customers a bit of a shock so we moved her out the back. Today she’s been very good and isn’t even tied down particularly well.

Last night I decided that I needed to get out of the house as my week has been spent either working or sleeping/getting up. So the brother and I went and wandered around a shopping centre and played with all the “try me” toys. I particularly liked the effect of a whole display of Work Out Elmos working out at once. But not QUITE at once. Hahaha. And the talking cookie jars (not biscuit jars. A respectable biscuit would never reside in a talking receptacle) were also fun. All we ended up buying was some Coco Pops, sultanas and yoghurt. But the trip achieved the aim of getting me out of the house!

time is running out!

You only have a day and a little bit to cast your votes! And help me think of what the next challenge will be. It will be starting Friday night sometime…

In other news, there are only two days left til the weekend which sadly looks set to be somewhat hectic. Gah.

However I have had a bowl of coco pops to revive me after work and will be trotting off to bible study later. And I don’t have to get up til 9 tomorrow thanks to starting at 10:30 and having my license so I don’t need to take 1.5 hours by public transport to get to work. Hurrah for driving!

you be the jury

A few Fridays ago at work I started a junk removal campaign for the pharmacy. Most pharmacies have stuff dating back to when they first opened (and often even before that time somehow). My pharmacy is about 86 years old so you can imagine there is an awful lot of stuff taking up space and generally getting in the way. So step one of the campaign was to come up with a slogan for the whole thing – this was the first challenge for the staff. I said that the competition would be judged by an impartial panel. Hi impartial panel! Your task is to vote on the entries, which are as follows:

1. Mum doesn’t live here. Neither does Dad.
2. Cleaning: don’t whinge, just do it!
3. A quick dust a day keeps the cobwebs away.
4. Have some spunk and get rid of the junk, punk.
5. “clean” is not a dirty word
6. If Cheryl can tidy up, so can I!
7. Keep me clean, don’t make me mean.
8. The housekeeper quit!

You may have two votes each. All votes in by Friday morning my time (Thursday night UK time… some time before that US time… the rest of the world… er… just vote soon!). Thank you!

and down we go again

So yes, having my last hurrah of freedom before week 1 of crazy work month. I used today to sleep in, eat skittles and coco pops, read 3 chalet school books and half of an Angela Brazil book (inferior to CS!) and go to church. In a world record, the service went for a mere 56 minutes. Very impressive.

Now I am home and er cleaning up my room… or I was until I found myself using my computer instead. I think I’m looking for some sort of folder to put all my tax related documents in to keep them safe til my group certificates arrive. Would a cake tin do? Or a coke bottle? A beach towel? A towel can be folded… thus it could be used as a folder I suppose.

Yeah. I will try to pop in during the week but I have a very strict sleeping regime to help me survive so we’ll see!

where’s yay?

Well at this moment yay is sitting on the balcony in the sun. She will likely stay there for a while until it’s time for an afternoon nap.

The yay family are all away. The parents have gone away til Tuesday for a little holiday and the brother is up the coast on a youth leaders’ retreat. The other brother doesn’t live at the yayhouse and as such doesn’t count.

So yes. Who would have guessed that I’m at home!

survivor: pharmacy

I feel like I am on my own reality show where I have to survive working at too many pharmacies over a one month challenge period. For the next month my week will look like this: Monday: normal work, Tuesday: normal work, Wednesday: 6 hour shift at nasty work from last year but with nasty bosses a 24 hour plane ride away, Thursday: same as Wednesday, Friday: normal work, Saturday: Saturday job, Sunday: sleep. It’s only for a finite period so I can live through it. But it will be hard. Especially answering the phone: “Good (select time of day), (insert name of pharmacy, choice of six), this is yay”. Argh. I have been known to answer the phone with “Good morning… um… I can’t remember where I am today”.

Yeah. The other problem is that I am still waiting on two or three group certificates so that I can do my tax return. Gah. I enjoy a good tax return.


I’m terribly sorry for my tardiness. I have been awfully busy (that phrase would not be permitted at the chalet school as it hasn’t really been awful) and this is the first time I have switched on my computer since Monday! Let alone been motivated enough to put photos on the net.

So, my WISE parcel contained the stuff seen below:

There was also a make poverty history wristband (wristband? eh? I can’t think what it’s called) which doesn’t show up in the picture. Well I can’t see it anywhere. But it’s probably on the bandana somewhere…

Thanks again Tractorgirl!


Have spent the last 36 or so hours rediscovering the joys of logs (the mathematical type, and those that you sit on while watching other people play volleyball), trigonometry, geometry and trinomials. I never thought I’d have to do algebraic long division again when I finished high school. But somehow, six years later, it all came flooding back to me. Or sort of trickling…

I must say it was interesting dealing with a student who had trouble with basic algebra (multiplying x/4 by 4 to find x) to then moving straight on to some integration of trigonometric functions or natural log based trinomial equations. Ah well there was only one question I couldn’t answer and that was in the last 2 minutes of the last study session today. It was about the volume of the er thing formed when you rotate a certain ellipse around the x axis. But I know how to do it now 😀

And only five people at the camp asked me what school I was at! Three of them were fellow leaders, the others year 12 students. Funnily enough I am actually more than 4 years older than the leaders that assumed I was a student. One of the conversations went like this when I arrived back at camp yesterday:

Leader: Hi! Do you need a hand with anything?
yay: nah, I’m just putting my stuff in my room
L: oh have you been off sick?
y: no, I have been at work
L (smarmy Christian “I am so interested in your life voice”): Oh what sort of work?
y: I’m a pharmacist
L: do you mean a pharmacy assistant?
y: no, I’m a pharmacist
L: but don’t you have to go to uni to be a pharmacist?
y: yes. For four years. Then you complete a postgraduate year and pass your professional qualification exams.
L: oh…. you’re a leader!
y: yes.

Too tired to faff around with memory cards and stuff to put up WISE picture. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. Which, incidentally, is my birthday.

am I first?

To receive my WISE parcel? I had no idea! I even read the clue in question!

Photo and info will follow tomorrow but in the meantime, thank you to Tractorgirl for a taste of Canterbury and Make Poverty History!

In other news, this evening the first passing car actually STOPPED at the pedestrian crossing to let me cross!! How about that?!