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Marshmallows and nutella taste very good together but the headache is a cracker!

In other news today I practised driving in the rain. And dark. And wind. And unfamiliar territory. I did take an unexpected detour due to being in the wrong lane and not feeling inclined to change lanes. But I made it home in the end 😀

During the course of my adventures, I did two reverse parks and two 90 degree parks and a plain old park by the side of the road when there’s plenty of room to do so. I think my parking is improving.

it’s here!

ebay works I tell you! The birthday present for the brother arrived this morning! Or possibly this afternoon. I wouldn’t know as I was asleep til 1pm.

Have had a busy couple of days. Monday was a nightmare. I had a meeting at 7:30am with my boss’s husband and the guy who is a rank below my boss about financial reporting. A bit harsh at that time of the morning. Especially for a poor yay who doesn’t quite know what a gross profit is. However I have said that I’ll look at our computer systems to try and ascertain the correct figures. Apparently both systems are currently giving the wrong amounts… eh. Ask me at a respectable time of day.

The rest of Monday was a dog’s breakfast of people talking at me and cluttering up my dispensary. At one point I had the two gross profit guys, two drug company reps and the other pharmacist who works the days that I don’t in my dispensary which is really not big enough for more than 3 people and had boxes of stuff all over the floor due to the screw ups of another rep a few days earlier. I just put my hands over my ears and let them all fight stuff out with each other while I tended to my patients.

Ooooh!!! I have to go now because my brother and a friend and I are going to watch Napoleon Dynamite at either our house or her house and we have to go and find it to hire somewhere and get food and the friend and stuff. Tootle pip!

I won I won I won!!

I won my second ebay purchase! It’s a Henry’s Cat dvd. Cost me 99 pence. Plus postage… not sure how much that’ll be.

Hurrah! Someone will need to invent auction patches… like nicotine patches… to help with the cravings…

a first

I have just made my first ebay purchase!

I can only tell you what it was either a) if I know that my brother doesn’t read my wiblog or b) after his birthday. I am quite pleased with it myself.

In other news it’s freezing and I don’t plan on getting out of bed until midday tomorrow.

the unfairness of it all!

I think that overdosing on garlicky foods gives me mouth ulcers. This is a terrible development because I have just discovered garlic naan and was about to invent an amazing new food combination (which I will still invent when my mouth doesn’t hurt anymore). And garlic pizza is really good. I thought it was the salt on the garlic pizza that caused me problems but no. After making and eating very garlicky garlic bread last night I think it may be the garlic as there was no salt on the garlic bread. Hmph.

I nearly forgot!!

The final funny thing to happen yesterday (before I posted, that is) was while driving down the highway past a rather posh boys school, I saw a boy trotting out to the car with his mother. He would have been about 13-14. He was carrying a full sized dressmakers dummy and a euphonium.

That was the icing on the cake. How could I have left it out?

funny things seen/done today

1. A mannequin in a posh department store that someone had partially dakked and was displaying his nudie bits (or where they would have been in an anatomically correct mannequin)
2. A child falling out of its stroller (it was moving slowly and no-one was hurt).
3. A pomello. It’s like a giant grapefruit. Now what do I do with it?
4. A large display of musical biscuit tins. They weren’t funny until we wound all of them up and then ran away. Hehehehe.
5. A loud mouthed shop worked shouting across the store “hey make sure you do the pricing right today. You did it all wrong last time” answered by “No I didn’t! See $5.97”. I’m sure the whole world needs to know that your shop staff aren’t very good/nice to each other.
5. The mannequin again (on our way out)
6. A small child being berated by his parents for accidentally bopping passing strangers with a balloon.
7. A cup of 7-Up from a fast food place where they’d forgotten to put the 7-Up syrup in. My brother thought it was the worst lemonade he’d ever tasted.


Merry Weekend Folks!

I am having a somewhat busy weekend due to some unexpected work shifts. I was called yesterday and asked to work Sunday at the same place where I worked last Sunday. And I am going to my normal work tonight to keep the folks there company because we had a hold up on Thursday night and my boss wanted extra staff on this weekend for moral support.

I wasn’t there for the hold up but thankfully no-one was hurt, it was all caught on camera and the till was nearly empty when it happened (which means they probably wouldn’t bother coming back) so yeah. The two people working that night were shaken up though, as you would expect.

Yes. So snuggled into bed waiting for the brother to get home so I can go to work… I don’t suppose I could wear red tracksuit pants to work? They’d go nicely with my white coat 😀