Monthly Archives: May 2005

bringing in the sheaths!

I have just had my first sandwich with mustard and cress on it. Hurrah! It also had tuna, mayo and grape tomatos on it. ‘Twas a good sandwich indeed. Let the harvest continue!

In other news, my brother did not receive the message about tortellini last night so we each had a bowl of cereal for dinner. Not to worry. And there were pancakes after church too so that made up for the lack of dinner.

In yet more news, I retrieved my computer from the computer place today! Hurrah! So all is well with the world.

but where is the tortellini?

My brother and I just came up with a brilliant scheme. He would drop me at home (after picking me up from work), I would boil water and cook tortellini and sauce while he went to get petrol, an apricot danish and some ice cream. I fulfilled the first part of my quest but then realised there’s no tortellini… i hope my text message made it to the brother!

Yes. I am somewhat tired after working too many hours this week. It has been a quiet weekend with only a few bits of excitement. These included the other pharmacist worrying that the ether she had sold one of our customers was going to be used for exterminating his or his neighbour’s cat. It’s hard to say what he wanted it for because he can’t talk. But somehow she got it into her head that he was trying to pop off cats with it… I guess we will find out eventually.

the poor little thing

I dropped my laptop off at the service place today to get a new screen casing. It should be ready by Monday. That’s not too far away! And I’m working all weekend so I’ll barely have time to miss it. I don’t think the guy believed me that I hadn’t dropped it/sat on it/run over it. I simply opened it!

In other news, this afternoon I bought an expanse of polar fleece to keep me warm. It’s purple. And quite large. Hopefully now I will have snug nights instead of chilly nights.


It was cancelled. Or at least running behind the slow train that usually proceeds it. Proceed? Eh. You know what I mean. Don’t correct me or I’ll delete your comment.

So yes, after falling over, having my train cancelled and standing in a cold place waiting for a bus, my next text message after my wiblog one was to my boss saying my swear quota was used up for the day and I would be there shortly. Made it in the end!

I know that hot baths are probably very bad for sore ankles but it’s cold. And I need a bath. The End.

early results

My throat seems to improve after taking the tablets. Maybe they do work… having a few snot issues today but otherwise under control. I have only had two doses thus far. The dose is three tablets three times a day. I think I’m due for another three now…

Having a lovely day today. It’s freezing (inside the house anyway… haven’t ventured outside yet) and I am being very decadent and having the heater on. Although I read yesterday that using reverse cycle air conditioners to heat the house is much more efficient than other heating methods. So I feel better about that. And it’s so lovely to be at a comfortable temperature! We actually installed the aircon in December so that the elderly grandparents could tolerate our house in summer (ie. for Christmas lunch) but as summer was not particularly hot we didn’t use it much. But it’s doing a wonderful job for winter.

still broken

I can’t take my computer to the doctor til Friday. Poor lamb. I am using it now but it does look rather sad.

In other news I am trying out the herbal cold tablets that everyone at my work swears by. Will report with results tomorrow. I do feel better since I took them but that may just be because now I’m at home instead of at work. But my throat does hurt less… can’t think how! However I can’t be a sceptic until I have tried these things and given them a fair trial.


My loyal laptop is having major structural problems. There is a a splittage issue of the er… bit surrounding the screen on the bottom left corner. Now I can’t close it. It still works (I’m using it now) but it will need fairly substantial repair work to become portable again. So… I will be computerless for a while. This doesn’t mean I won’t have a computer. There are other computers at home and work. But I won’t have MY computer. And how the heck am I meant to get an open laptop into the city to the shop I got it from? Thankfully I went for the computer with the three year warranty. That was… 2 years ago. So hopefully all will be well in that department. And worst case scenario is that I’ll have to buy a new computer. Eh.

I wasn’t even doing anything silly like dropping it. I just opened it and it made a big cracking noise and sort of broke apart…

Tips on how to transport an open laptop by train and foot into the city welcome!

verrrrrry strong vinegar

Often when I’m at my weekend jobs, I do a little lap around the pharmacy looking for things that my other shops need. Today I found a few things: heaps of a contraceptive pill that’s been out of stock for ages, potassium permanganate, benzoic acid and glacial acetic acid.

Now I am in a quandary. I need the glacial acetic acid to make acetic acid ear drops which are made using 3mL of 33% acetic acid. I ASSUME that glacial acetic acid is pretty close to 100% acetic acid and hence I could use about 1mL of that diluted to 3mL. But I’m not sure. Google seems to agree with me. And I don’t see why it wouldn’t be 100% acetic acid…

Helpful hint: do not directly sniff the glacial acetic acid bottle if you like your nostril hairs. Don’t worry. I didn’t do this.

finding an off-white coat

I have a white coat. However it’s very… white. I would like it to be a bit less so by tomorrow. It is also very stiff and starched. So it’s currently soaking. I think it’s already been through the washing machine once today. I was hoping that it would pour all day. I find leaving things on the clothesline for a day in the rain is very good for making them look less new. But not much rain.

So taking the edge off the whiteness… any suggestions?