Monthly Archives: April 2005

I am ever so athletic

Did you know that this season I have watched at least three soccer games (maybe four) and two hockey games. Is that not a big achievement? Surely I must be getting fit by osmosis.

I saw the end of a women’s hockey match tonight while I was waiting for my brother’s game to start… I don’t think I’ll be taking up hockey at this point in my life. It looks terrible tiring. Being a spectator for two consecutive games (plus the other half a game come to think of it) is enough work!

And I drove home! In the dark! From a place I’d never been to before! Only 11 and a bit driving hours to go til I can do my test. Imagine me with a license! How crazy would that be?

anyone feeling zesty?

I have a zested hand. And I blame the $2.87 zester that I bought tonight. Never skimp on zesters people. Never! Cheap zesters don’t have the precision blades required to er… zest lemons without zesting hands.

But anyway, why would I be zesting? Well I needed to make lemon butter. Because I had eight egg yolks in the fridge that needed using. And lemon butter is the only thing I could think of that had eight egg yolks in it.

So why would yay have 8 egg yolks in the fridge without their whites? Because she made a rather spectacular dessert (pictured below) that required 8 egg whites. Now before anyone accuses me of having mouldy raspberries, they are merely frosty because I had to buy frozen ones and the photo was taken before they defrosted. I don’t know what the raspberry situation is like elsewhere but I saw 150g punnets of raspberries for $10 today. And the frozen ones are actually very good. I highly recommend them. The blueberries were frozen too come to think of it. But the strawberries were fresh!! And the coulis (you can see it poking out between layers) was raspberry and cointreau.

nutcase day

I have discovered that working in an after hours pharmacy on a public holiday is a sign that your day will be full of nutters. On Monday I had visits from:

1. Swimming woman. She had just been swimming and had sore eyes. They’d never been this sore before. Why were they sore today? It couldn’t be that the pool had just been chlorinated because she’d called around all the pools in the area to find out what time they put their chlorine in and this one did it early in the morning and she went in the evening. Her eyes were gritty. Was that a sign of irritation? (um.. yes) Her son didn’t have sore eyes. But he was wearing goggles. Often she wears goggles but today she didn’t. But she has forgotten goggles before and her eyes were a bit red but nothing like this. The right one is more gritty than the left one. What could have caused this? What should she do? Yay recommends an eye wash. “Oh but I don’t want to buy anything. I just wanted to know what could have caused it”. Gah probably from your kid peeing in the water or something. Now I have to go and deal with the 15 people who have piled up waiting for prescriptions while you were wasting my time.

2. Parasite man. Hello, my lady friend has these all around her groin *Hands yay a business card*. Yay looks at the card for clues – it has a phone number on it… surely phone numbers around the groin are no reason for a trip to the pharmacist. It also has two bits of tape on it. Well tape around the groin would be a bit uncomfortable but it can be removed fairly painlessly with a bit of tea tree oil. Yay looks closer again. There are two body lice underneath the tape. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Right. Well I assume they’re body lice. I’ve never been afflicted with such things and hence could only assume. Surely it would have sufficed to say “my lady friend (partner? wife? woman?) has been infested with little insects. What can you sell me to kill them?”. I do not need evidence!!!

3. The mysterious rash brigade.
“I have a rash on my arm/leg/finger. what can you give me for it?”
“do you know what caused it? does it hurt? does it itch? it is raised?”
“no, no, no, no”
“can I see it?
“well it’s a bit hard to see but if I put my arm on an angle like this…. and you look at it from the side… see that?”
“is it bothering you at all?”
“how long has it been there?”
“oh about 10 minutes”
“and what precisely would you like me to do about it?
“I just thought I should check you know… if it was anything…”

4. Eye lady. Similar to rash person but with a bit of redness in one eye. Likely caused by rubbing eye.

5. If it’s on the lip it must be a cold sore. I’d like something for a cold sore. It’s here. I’m using this cream for a skin cancer just next to where the cold sore is. Do you think that could have something to do with it? Another cold sore is coming out on the other lip where this one touches. I’ve never had cold sores before. Can I have some Zovirax? Yay explains that Zovirax is an antiviral treatment. It is unlikely to help a skin lesion that is caused by a treatment for skin cancers. Unfortunately that is a side effect and there is not a lot you can do about it apart from stopping the treatment prematurely. Oh but I’ve already stopped using the cream! A few days ago! What else can I do??? Um… not much really. You could try something for the pain. But what about the infection? There is no infection!

And they just kept coming!

don’t you hate it when…

you are at the supermarket at 10pm, in your daggy 10pm clothes and slippers, buying large amounts of embarrassing items (they were on special) and you run into around a dozen of the trendy youth kiddies from church who are on their way to a party and they crowd around you at the check-out because they know your brother who also happens to be there and you feel like they’re all looking at your basket?

five consecutive days

Would you believe that I am working five days. In a row. Crazy hey? Yesterday and Monday and Tuesday are at my normal work. This morning was my Saturday work and tomorrow is at another random job.

So yes. this morning was fun. I did a lot of paperwork and deleting files that are clogging up the computer system. My boss called to say that he couldn’t find an assistant and that he would come and help out. I said “as long as I’m still in charge”. He agreed to this and did all the jobs I used to do when I was a mere pharmacy student. He’s much better as a shop girl than as a pharmacist in charge. It was quite a productive morning actually. Although not many customers. Good thing I had plenty to occupy myself with.

Tomorrow I’m working at a place I’ve never worked at before with a computer system I have approximately 2 hours experience using. It could be fun! Or it could be a disaster. We’ll see.

And now we come back to the shirt dilemma. I think I might just buy a second shirt.

i solved the problem

by not ironing the shirt and wearing a jumper all day. I ran out of time to do any ironing. And it wasn’t particularly hot. And well, you just need to prioritise in this day and age of stuff.

Speaking of stuff, I had stir fried vegetables and tofu with a peanut sauce for dinner. That’s not too bad for you really. TOFU!!!

In other news, I did off road driving in my driving lesson on Thursday. That was fun. Very noisy though. Was nice to get back on the smooooooth road.

The End.

domestic standards survey

Right. I have a white shirt that I wear to work sometimes because I have still not succeeded in my quest for a white coat. I wore it yesterday and I would like to wear it again tomorrow. It does not appear to be dirty or smelly. Somehow I avoided getting beetroot on it last night. However it is crumpled. It there any reason why I can’t iron avshirt that I have worn without washing it first?


I have once again been a bit remiss in my wiblogging lately. I blame work. It’s clearly not natural. I will try to do better.

However today was a day off and that was lovely. I slept for a good 12 hours (still catching up from the weekend away) until 11. Then drove my car to the grandparents’ house with my mother so that they could see my car. We had lunch with them, then went to a shopping centre so that I could do some stuff.

And guess what I did this afternoon?! I VOLUNTARILY went for a walk and even did a bit of running!! I was sitting on my computer, chatting to various people online and I looked out the window and thought “what a beautiful afternoon… and I have eaten too much junk lately” and out I went. I am not blessed with the gift of exercise motivation sadly. So when it very very occasionally happens I have to seize the day and all that.

Work again tomorrow. Then another day off! Hurrah!