Monthly Archives: March 2005

cleaning out the pantry

I have noticed over the past few days, that the population of insects in the pantry was getting out of control. So today was clean out the pantry day. As I type this, I have currently pulled everything off two shelves. The worst shelf was proving a mystery to me. I knew there had to be an insect epicentre somewhere close, yet when I’d pulled everything out and examined it, there was no obvious source. I moved on to the next worst shelf hoping that it might provide some answers. And it did! The little blighters have been laying eggs (or whatever it is they do) in the gap between the shelf and the side of the cupboard. Sprung! Now I just have half a shelf of stuff to pull out and another shelf to remove and nuke. Hurrah!

Oh yes… and I have to assess the freshness of every item and put them all back. I don’t suppose leaving that job for someone else would go down so well would it?

should i end the suspense?

Nahhhhhh I’ll just leave y’all hanging a bit longer. I’m in a bit of suspense myself if it makes any difference. Can’t make any announcements til we’re sure. And no, I’m not pregnant.

We are having roast chicken for dinner. This pleases me. I like roast chicken. I might just go now and sniff at the oven door for a while. Cheerio!


The dessert was a triumph if I don’t say so myself. And somehow 5 of us managed to demolish it quite successfully. Hurrah for us! The decision to go with all berries rather than chocolate was well received.

In other news, I am almost half way through my driving hours. 25.5 to go. Tomorrow it’ll be 24.5 or possibly less if I go driving with the brothers after my driving lesson…

There is possibly other news too but I’ll leave you all in suspense in case there isn’t 😀

cooking cooking cooking

Going to a friend’s place for dinner tonight. I am in charge of dessert. I have decided to go boldly where no cook has gone before (as far as I know, although it’s highly likely that they have). Ok. It involves two layers of meringue with ground hazelnuts in it, cream, raspberries (possibly some turned into a coulis), strawberries… and that’s all. How could it not be good?

I also made lemon curd with the leftover egg yolks. How domestic am I?!

port sippers

Has anyone else tried one of these? I just did and it was quite fun. They do look a bit suss (from more than one angle!) but are certainly a conversation point. I might get some for the parents for their birthdays or something…

more driving

Did another 2.3 hours of driving today. This time, because it is Easter, we decided to head more east. Towards the sea in fact. We made it to Collaroy and Manly and many other places (when you are trying to drive for over 2 hours, sometimes you have to take lots of detours. We stopped at Collaroy for lunch as driving is hungry work (and after an hour and forty minutes driving it is almost time to stop, revive, survive!).

Yeah. The End.

party at yay’s!

The parents have gone away for the weekend. Which is nice. It’s very peaceful! One of my friends came over for dinner. I was going to cook something but then lost motivation and decided on take away. THEN when we were shopping at about 5pm, I noticed that the take away places at the shopping centre all special off their food! So I bought 4 boxes of various stir fries and stuff (with rice) for $14. Bargain. And a packet mix of chocolate fudge mousse. Beat for 5 minutes then refrigerate for 30-60 minutes. Done.

On the agenda for the evening was education hour, where we watch a documentary. However there was only one documentary on and it only went for half an hour. So it was the education half hour. But that’s better than nothing. Then dinner. Then watching Lano & Woodley for 1.5 hours. It was not a particularly energetic evening. But nothing wrong with that!

Oh yes! I drove for 2 hours today to various places including Brooklyn (read all about estuary management! But that’s the best photo I could find in a hurry!). Which has put my driving hours up to 40% of the total required before I can go for my licence!

sunshine paraboli

Last night I dreamed that I was working and was told to call the company that made staplers and ask them what the sharp cutty bits on sticky tape dispensers are called. The customer service lady at the stapler place told me they are called sunshine paraboli (that is plural). It made sense at the time.

In other news, I get a bonus hour of sleep on Easter Sunday morning. I am pleased about this. All in all, I think I would function better living on a planet with 25 hour days.

practise makes perfect

Today I went to the pharmacy where my mother works and practised being a pharmacist. By some sad coincidence, all the places that I have worked at have had the same, fairly uncommon, easy to use dispensing program. The program at my mother’s pharmacy is very common and also fairly complicated to use. Ahhhh DOS. It also contains grammar that makes me grind my teeth. For example when you get a repeat prescription that was originally dispensed at another pharmacy, you must type in the code U for UNORIGINAL. Hello? Unoriginal? What is that?!

I also did some driving and made a batch of gingerbread with my brother for him to take to a uni do. See it’s not all lounging around being voluntarily unemployed.

All this exertion was topped off with a night of tv watching. 7:30 – Supernanny (taped from last night). 8:30 – was going to watch a show about kids from “one of Australia’s worst schools” hiking the Kokoda trail but this was pulled at the last minute so I watched Operatunity which was great. 9:30 – Medical Investigation. Well I like it anyway, even though a lot of the medical content is er… odd. “Hmmm we have a town full of kids with an inflammatory disorder. So far we have treated them all with analgesics and hot compresses”. Have you not heard of steroids? Or any other drugs commonly used for unidentified inflammatory conditions?!