Monthly Archives: February 2005


I have now booked a lesson for tomorrow at 12:45. So while all you UK folk are slumbering peacefully and the Oz people are eating lunch and the US people are having dinner or watching tv, I will be wreaking havoc on the roads. How bad can it be? Surely I will be able to drive! When I think of all the people I know who have managed to get their license, I think SURELY if they can I can…

lemon and ginger tea

is my new favourite hot beverage. It really is very good.

Today’s job is to organise driving lessons. ARGH. I really don’t want to. But it’s something that needs to be done. I should have learnt when I was 16!

two days in a row

I have not had an afternoon sleep since Thursday. This is a good thing. Today I avoided it by being out during the afternoon. Cymbal shopping with my brother. We also browsed in the puzzle section of a large bookshop. It was quite impressive. I told my parents we would need a new table if I bought the 18,000 piece one. However I don’t think my attention span is 18,000 pieces long. So we don’t need a new table. Which is good really because we’d need to extend the dining room as well come to think of it.

an exciting piece of paper

This afternoon my provisional registration as a pharmacist arrived. As far as I can tell this means I can practice as a pharmacist unsupervised! It’s an interim measure until my card comes. Not sure why a card takes longer than a certificate thingy but anyway. It’s here and I’m mostly official! Hurrah!

It was really quick too. I only sent away my forms at 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon and the mail came at 12:30 today. So that’s less than two days. Pretty good really.

oh dear!

I am currently wiblogging on the desktop rather than my laptop and now I understand why people’s eyes hurt from my colour scheme. It’s a lot more subdued on my laptop… will look at some alternatives after this. Sorry folks!

Today is domestic day. I have just done the ironing. I am not particularly gifted at ironing. And sadly there were some queen sized bed sheets in the basket. They are a nightmare. So big and unwieldy. And I banged my head on the wall while trying to fold the damn things. Ah well. I will have to find a husband who wants to be the stay at home father and do such things while I am out saving the world.

Next job on the agenda is cleaning the wok. Last night Mum was saying that she couldn’t go to bed because no-one (me I guess!) had done the washing up. Quick thinking on my part came up with “I was saving it for tomorrow because I don’t have anything else to do!”. But that’s ok. Someone has to wash the wok and I am the only one in the family who is not out earning a living so it really should be me anyway.

And it’s not that hard to clean the wok. You just fill it with water and a bit of detergent and bring it to the boil.


Today I decided to go on an excursion. So I went to a shopping centre place and visited a few places that wanted to give me money or take away my money and then bought another wasgij which was $10 cheaper than the last one I bought. I wonder why? Anyway, it’s a beach one. They only had two and the other one was the airport one which I already have.

On my way home I bought four tins of tuna. Two were a brand that I often have. One was Safcol chargrilled tuna in springwater. The other is Sirena brand in springwater. I had the chargrilled one for lunch and it was quite nice. I’m not sure about putting chargrilled things in springwater though… seems a bit strange to me. Sadly I forgot to buy bread. I eat more bread when I’m unemployed due to eating lunch at home as well as breakfast.

Haven’t started the puzzle yet. Spent the afternoon reading a book on the balcony and having a nap. Oh yes and cooking dinner for my starving family. Chicken, cashew and random asian green stuff stir fry with thai chilli jam. My favourite!

such busyness!

Today I only had a half hour sleep. And that was a power nap after a busy morning to prepare me for a busy afternoon. I did four different things today. That’s pretty impressive. I usually don’t like to do more than 2 different things. Even if they don’t take very long.

Now I have a sore ankle. My brother says that may be from repeatedly kicking my desk but I’m not sure. It seems unlikely…

day 2 of unemployment

So I’m not very good at doing nothing. I think I’ve had enough days of loafing.

Tomorrow I am going to talk to someone about locum work. However I won’t actually be doing any work for a while. Partly because I need to sort out my registration. Need to find a JP or a solicitor to certify copies of things. My father is a JP but that’s no use! My boss was a JP but that’s no use! She’s in Malta this week. And I don’t go to work anymore. Apparently the funeral parlour up the road has one sometimes.

After chatting about work I will go to visit the grandparents. Then do some other stuff. It will actually be quite a full day. Will probably need all of Thursday to recover from the exertion. Luckily that is not a problem 😀

So yes. Am very fidgetty tonight. Although that’s nothing new. It has been observed by many people that I can’t sit still in church. I can’t think how I made it through 17 years of school and uni without being dosed up on Ritalin. Maybe because I mainly disrupt myself, not anyone else!

I had a dream that I took up swimming last night. I was really good! I am always a lot more athletic in dreams than in real life unfortunately. And the water is a much more pleasant temperature in dreams too. I wonder why that is?


I have just finished the wasgij. The brothers and I put in a marathon effort from dinner time til 12:20am (a good 5 hours) and finally found a place for everything. I think most of the pieces might even be in the right places!

Day one of unemployment was rather pleasant. I woke at a respectable hour, read the paper, pottered around, did some tidying, retrieved some documents, posted some things, had a nap, did some puzzle, ate lunch, made a phonecall… it was nice.

However I think I have now accomplished nearly everything I had to do in the next month. Except learn physics, chemistry and biology. Tomorrow perhaps?