Monthly Archives: January 2005

14 days to go

109.2 hours to go. Assuming each day is 7.8 hours. Which it isn’t, but close enough. Just think, on Wednesday at… erm… about midday, it will be under 100 hours!!! I am so excited! I think a special lunch is in order on Wednesday. Ooh ooh pad thai!!! Yes!

Now, at the moment I have nothing to look forward to in the middle of next week to encourage me to keep going. So I would welcome suggestions of scheduled pleasant events which can be um scheduled for mid next week. Maybe two, on Tuesday and Thursday?


Gah. Another weekend finished with. Very sad. It has occurred to me that I can claim 60 hours of sick leave in my 2000 hours… of which I have 120 to go… I must try to come down with some sort of deadly virus in the next few days. My patients will wonder why my usually surly demeanour has changed so dramatically. No, I’m very friendly to my patients! Really!

Today was the two year old’s birthday party. This was fun because there weren’t too many children there (only six I think) and they were all of pleasant disposition. Due to inclement weather the venue was changed from a park to the house. Hmmm this makes me doubly pleased that there weren’t many children. And only two of them were two year olds. There was much sitting around and eating and blowing out candles and stuff. I think we did the candles three times. Tom likes singing happy birthday and blowing out candles.

Then church. I almost convinced my brother to stay home with me and order a pizza and have a holiday but then decided at the last minute that I should go. Unfortunately this meant I had to sit in the foyer as the church was unusually full. There were overflows at all the exits. There are advantages to sitting in the foyer however. In a full church with no air conditioning on a hot and humid evening, it is much more pleasant to er… not be there! You are also close to the kitchen and can get refreshments to see you through the service. And heckle the speaker without them hearing you!

A day of adventures

So today was the fun day with friends from uni to celebrate almost being finished stuff. Fun items included:

1. Watching the Pyrmont Bridge open. I’d never seen this before and couldn’t quite work out how it would happen as the monorail goes above the bridge and it’s all a bit tricky. So I was extremely excited when I was standing on the bridge and the siren went off and the man in the control box told everyone to get off because the bridge was opening. My friends didn’t even know that the bridge was capable of opening so maybe they were more excited than me even. But it’s possible that they aren’t as interested in bridges as I am…
2. Watching the fudge shop people make fudge for about half an hour. I did get a bit nervous when they seemed to forget to stir the pot on the burner but I guess they know what they’re doing. I think I saw them making walnut fudge today but it could have been pecan. We were watching from overhead so it’s hard to tell… walnuts and pecans are quite similar at that sort of distance.
3. Having lunch at Australia’s first Dutch eating place (well I think that’s what the press release says but it’s in Dutch so I’m not quite sure). I had hot chips that in the whole scheme of things weren’t fantastic but they were what I wanted at the time and came with ketchup (I would say sauce normally but that’s what it said on the menu) and mayo. My friend had these little baby pancakes which were very cute and quite tasty. The other friend had chips with just sauce. I am unsure of the authenticity of the place but I was full and happy.
4. Watching people go on this giant swing/stretchy stuff thing… you’re suspended between two elastic things and jump very high. Hard to describe. But fun to watch and laugh at little kiddies who aren’t very good at it because they aren’t heavy enough to get any bounce happening….

Hmmm that’s enough fun stuff. Other things happened but not much worthy of a report. I am very tired now.

i forgot to add

Today I sustained a major wound on my thumb from the sticky tape dispenser. A few days ago I was severely gouged by the cling wrap box. I propose a class action against the violent criminals that manufacture the sharp metal teeth found on such objects and more importantly the box and dispenser engineers that make them so user-unfriendly? Can I claim workers comp for my injuries?? It’s not just the initial trauma you know. Shortly after my cling wrap dispenser gouge occurred, I was squeezing lime juice for a salad and the pain from the interaction between lime juice and pre-existing hurty was worse than that experienced originally! And once I cut myself on the sticky tape dispenser at work and then had to make some sort of cream with acid in it and got a bit of acid in my cut… ooooooh! Brings a tear to the eye just thinking about it.

Join me in my quest for safer tape and cling wrap (and foil) dispensing gadgets! Sign up today to change the world!

15 days to go!

Somehow made it through today unscathed. Hurrah for me! I managed to stay very busy doing very little all day. And had sushi for lunch as my half way through the sixteenth last day reward. Mmmmmmm.

Tomorrow is celebration day with uni friends. We’re at varying stages of finishing jumping through hoops to be registered as pharmacists but we’re all close enough to justify having fun and eating too much. Hurrah!

so unpatriotic

Would you believe it, I ended up sleeping through most of Australia Day. This was a bit sad but I don’t think I was 100% well. I did manage to do most of the things on my list. With the exceptions of lunch (was asleep) and physics (couldn’t be bothered).

As of now I have 16 days left of work. I am dividing the time into little chunks with nice things at the end of each chunk. My next reward is this weekend. I get to hang out with uni friends on Saturday and go to a 2nd birthday party on Sunday. Must come up with a reward for Tuesday night. Maybe I will have my Wednesday bath on Tuesday. I have a reward lined up for Thursday. Then next weekend!

let the festivities begin!

I have had my special Australia Day breakfast (two slices of soy and linseed Burgen toast with Flora margarine and Promite followed by a nectarine and a bananananana and a hokey pokey biscuit). Now I am having my Australia Day computer hour. I might have an Australia Day bath (but only because Australia Day falls on a Wednesday). Maybe I will do some Australia Day physics. And read some Australia Day Nicholas Nickleby. My Australia Day lunch will probably be left over thai chilli jam chicken cashew stir fry. Australia Day dinner I think will be a bbq. Judging by the steak in the fridge. There will be an Australia Day screening of Lano & Woodley (now available on DVD!!!!!).

And I think that just about sums up the Australia Day festivities in the world of yay. Now how many times did I say Australia Day in this post?

new game addiction

Dynomite via Yahoo games. It’s so much fun and has very satisfying sound effects. Note: it helps to go to the how to play section but it’s quite fun working it out yourself.

Hurrah for Australia Day! I propose a public holiday every Wednesday!

Ooooh it’s 10:53pm again. Spooky that I wiblogged at the same time two days in a row. And the commenters are correct. The Chalet School girls vould all be in bedt by tventy two fifty sree. And that is probably the accent that would result from exposure to so many different accents. So don’t shoot me down on its lack of authenticity!

disaster averted

Fear not, my brother has supplied a new battery for my clock. I can tell you with confidence that it is 10:53pm or thereabouts. In the Chalet School they would say 22:53 because that’s how it’s done in Austria. Isn’t that right Maddie?

time stood still

Last night I decided to have an early night. I planned to be in bed by 10:30. Which is an early night if you’ve only woken up at 11. So I kept a close eye on my clock while I read my book. At some point it occurred to me that either I was reading faster than usual or time was going extremely slowly. However I didn’t let this trouble me and kept going with Nicholas Nickleby. When I realised that it had been 10:30 for a few chapters now, it seemed that further investigation was warranted. Yes, my clock had stopped and it was well after midnight. Gah.

In answer to queries, only one youth leader type person made use of the facilities and her only comment on emerging was “what’s kinetic energy??”. Gah. Ah well. Maybe next time.

In other news, I have 18 work days left *happy dance*!