Monthly Archives: December 2004

alllll packed. I think

The car is full of drum kit, Christmas hamper, gin, clothes, books (a bag full of them) and various blending devices.

The only thing I can’t find is my little bag full of 20c pieces for the showers. I can’t remember if I already packed it or not. It’s not where I last left it. But did I pack it? Or put it down somewhere? Who knows! Hopefully it will turn up.

Right. Leaving in 6 hours and 50 minutes. So time for bed. Behave yourselves while I am gone!

done and done

So the festive season is now over! Hurrah! Let the celebrations begin! Hmmm for some reason this strikes me as being not quite right… ah well.

Tomorrow I leave for south. Am looking forward to spending 10 days wreaking havoc in the kitchen tent and spending time with some very cool folks. I have just finished doing the ironing so that I can take the washing basket with me. It is much better than a bag for clothes. Easier to pack, you can see where things are, easy to repack at the end of the camp and easy to dump the whole thing in the washing machine when I get home. I am not very good at ironing however. I hope no-one mocks my father for the state of his work shirts this week. Ah well, I did me best!

Last night I dreamed that I had left for beach mission and had packed the car with the drum kit, cake tins, first aid kit, stab blender etc and had totally forgotten to pack any clothes. I think that is a recurring dream. I am a big picture girl and occasionally overlook important details… Like prepositions and conjunctions in my wiblog. And the endings of words in essays.

Oh yes, I would also like to echo my congratulations to Alice who I reckon is a real beaut sheila!

15 minutes until the festivities begin

The guests are due to arrive at 11. They consist of two grandmothers, one grandfather, one uncle and cousin and a temporary uncle (and possibly aunt and cousin) who are dropping off a grandmother but not staying. Oh and a brother. But I think he’s probably at church playing for the final service come to think of it. I was wondering why he wasn’t here.

Thinking that a game of Christmas Risk could be in order. For those who are wondering, Christmas Risk is just like regular Risk but is played on Christmas day and the accompanying nibblies are more festive. Maybe we will demolish the gingerbread house!

Hmmm four minutes to go (I did not take 11 minutes to type this, I was multitasking). I should go and face the hordes. All 6 of them.


I had good intentions to go to church tonight. But then I woke up 20 minutes after the service had started and thought I may be a bit too late. So I set to work seeing if 10 people would fit at the table. I think they will as long as the people at the ends aren’t too possessive of the corners of their placemat things…

A friend who had been to church dropped by after the service and gave me two lovely ice cream/noodle bowls. We used them to “test” the Christmas dessert – an ice cream, chocolate, raspberry and malteser extravaganza. I think it will be just fine. I gave her one of those kiddy magnetic drawing board things to use in meetings. She was very pleased. Especially with the arrow stamper which will be useful for drawing spread sheets and progress diagrams.

I think church on three consecutive days would have been a bit much anyway…


After finding that my current nutcase stalker was planning a visit to work this afternoon, I felt that it would be in my best interests to leave before this occurred. So when my boss said “Yay, would you like to go and get some lunch?” I replied “No, I’d like to go home!”. I then proceeded to do so. No work for two weeks!!

Now I am tossing up whether to go to church tonight or not…. hmmm…

Oh yes, in other news I passed my written exam from a few weeks ago. Now just an oral exam and 197 hours to go!

my toolbox

Today I bought a toolbox to house my first aid kit in. By the time I arrived home it had the following items in it:

1. Two packets of biscuits
2. A Pirates of the Caribbean dvd
3. Two AAA batteries
4. Four apple corers
5. One hundred balloons (not yet inflated)
6. A paper bag that originally had an apricot danish in it.

Toolboxes are useful things. I think I got loads of greenie points at the supermarket when the cashier said “Would you like a bag?” and I said “No, I’ll just put it all in my toolbox”. Maybe I will take one to work instead of a backpack…


As our shop is in an area with a substantial Italian population, we stock a variety of Italian brands. I’ve discovered often our orders from these companies arrive with a packet of sponge cake things or biscuits or some other tasty thing. I think more companies should do this. It makes sense. Today I’ve been snacking on Mix Max cakes. I highly recommend them.

Have also been eating biscuits from the best cake shop in the world. They make wonderful cannoli there too – they fill the tubes for you when you order. So fresh!

In other news… um I am so distracted by thoughts of cake that I can’t come up with any. Ooh! There was a guy at the plaza handing out Baci Kisses today! “Would you like a Baci kiss?” “Do birds have wings?”

Hmm it’s all over. I don’t think I can manage any non-food related talk today.


Just had our work Christmas do. It was actually much less painful than predicted. Very good food, the bosses behaved themselves… yeah. Good night. I am slightly surprised by this… maybe I shouldn’t be.

Only 3 days til my time off! Hurrah hurrah!

In other news it’s 11:30 and I arrived home from work 30 minutes ago and left home this morning at 6:50. I am tired. Good night!

i am a technician

When I arrived home from work my internet wasn’t working. I discovered that playing Freecell for an hour has restorative powers. Hurrah!

Only 4 days of work til I get two weeks off (oh yes, and until we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ)!! AND less than 250 hours to go altogether! Hurrah!! There is a light at the end of what has been a very long and dark and smelly and probably a bit mouldy and rat infested tunnel.

Tomorrow evening is the work Christmas dinner. I think it was organised on Friday. Ah well. Dinner at a restaurant. I am not keen to spend unpaid time with my employees but yes… they are insistent. Maybe I could include the hours in my 2000…


For a bit of fun today, I went to a large shopping centre to buy a pair of shorts. With my trusty brother. And my father who wanted to go along for the ride. We found a parking spot instantly (on the street, across the road from the entrance to the carpark) and had 90 minutes of frivolity among the rabid masses. Made a few purchases. Some underwear, shampoo and conditioner (with confusing new packaging), three t shirts (took 2 minutes to select and 15 minutes to pay for), some clothes for the brother and finally some board shorts for me! Tried for a second pair but it was all too hard.

Amusing sights included:
1. One of the escalators had taken the afternoon off so was, for the moment, merely an awkard set of stairs. When we were walking down it I could work out why we were travelling at such a plodding pace (step 2, 3, 4, step 2, 3, 4..). Eventually I saw that at the front of a long line of people was a little kid who had obviously just learnt to walk taking his time making it down. I liked it how everyone on the escalator was plodding in time. I guess you had to be there…
2. Numerous tantrums. Hehehe.
3. The girl who was in charge of making kids smile for their photo with Santa. I must say that I would have been terrified if I were two years old and she was shaking some toy in my face like a lunatic.
4. Ahhhh the car park! So much craziness and creative parking.
5. A beautiful display of synchronised crying in the ladieswear section at Big W. I did not start it but joined in after the third baby. Waaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaah! (cue yay) Waaaaaaaaah!