Monthly Archives: November 2004

so many potential topics

I have had quite an eventful day. However I’m not sure that it would be wise to wiblog about the main topic of interest at this point. I will ponder this for the next few days and leave you all in suspense while I arrive at a conclusion.

So yes. In other news I forgot to put my contacts in this morning (could this be related to my new hobby?). I also discovered that my glasses aren’t in my bag anymore. Who knows where they are. Probably on my desk which has fallen into ruin since getting broadband and not needing to have my laptop there. But anyway, not being able to see very well meant that I had to make some changes to my day.

1. I had to get off the train one stop later than usual instead of walking. I couldn’t risk taking the extra time to walk in case a bus to my destination passed when there was no-one else catching it and hence no-one to flag it down. Best to leave a lot of time to wait for buses so I can see them up nice and close when they’re stationary. Not stationery.

2. Instead of merely swivelling on my chair to see the calendar to calculate expiry dates of antibiotic mixtures, I had to stand up and walk to the calendar. Or if no-one was in the way, roll across to it.

3. I could no longer see my computer screen from a distance so had to lean in close whenever I wanted to type something. Or get my hands lined up wrong and have to fix up sentences like tsle ime ranlet ar brdtume.

Hopefully I will remember some sort of vision enhancer tomorrow.

a new hobby

Tonight I decided to take up drinking gin and tonics (note the pluralisation of tonic as recognition of the synergy between gin and tonic). So I went shopping. I bought almonds, chocolate (for my mother), tonic water, soda water (for my father), that fancy lime cordial that isn’t bright green, and gin. Now my gin is cooling. And my tonic is cooling. And tomorrow it’s supposed to be 42 degrees (celsius my friends, celsius!). So I will be prepared. Should I have a rehearsal tonight? Hmmm it sounds like a wise move.

Like Maddie, I also have an owie story. I don’t think it’s quite as good. But I didn’t swear either. Yesterday when I was sitting down at the table to read the paper, my toe found its way under the leg of the chair. So a chair leg that was as heavy as me but with a much smaller footprint, came down on my toe. It hurt. But unlike Maddie I did not donate any toe to the chair. I did give it some words of wisdom however.

counting bites

Yesterday was the final preparation meeting for beach mission. As a member of the cooking team, usually I end up at the pub during such meetings to er “plan” things. There’s only so much preparation you can do for cooking at this point. I mean, we could chop onions or something I suppose but would they remain fresh and pungent until they were required in 4 weeks time?

After the meeting it was decided that all who were able would go to someone’s house and watch a movie in the backyard. Her parents were alerted to the coming invasion and were given 5 minutes to batten down the hatches. Had a nice evening lying around on the grass, watching The Three Musketeers and eating various foodstuffs. Now I am covered in mosquito bites.

The End.

small things

I get really excited when I go to write a comment in someone’s wiblog and the characters that you have to type to prove that you aren’t an evil spam commenting computer are all letters. I don’t like typing combinations of letters and numbers. I’m sure evil spam commenting computers don’t either.

something exciting

I have less than 389 hours to work before I can get registered as a pharmacist!!! There’s also a written an an oral exam to pass but that’s ok. The written exam is on the 6th of December. When I was writing an expiry date on a bottle of Augmentin suspension today (7 days – December 3) I realised that the 6th is in a week and a bit. Isn’t that exciting? Although it does strike me that maybe I should have studied or something… ah well. Maybe later!

a trip to the cheese shop

Today I was having a rather frustrated time at work. By about midday there were serious nail marks on the palms of my hands. I suggested to one of my bosses that maybe I should go for a walk. To avoid the other boss driving me to do something regretful. She agreed and so I went to deliver a calendar to some elderly patients and pick up their prescriptions. On the way I noticed a new cheese shop and resolved to drop in on my way back. Which I did. The cheese shop guy was very friendly and told me all about what cheeses I should start with in my cheese appreciation career. I stayed and chatted for a while then remembered I was working so toddled back to work.

During my lunch break I went back to the cheese shop and bought some cheese. Rob the cheese man suggested I start my cheese odyssey (sp?) with a mature pyengana cheddar. Obviously I am no cheese connoisseur yet but it tastes pretty good.

I should get into rages at work and go for walks more often.

Addressing concerns

Liza – as I have neither booked tickets or come up with an itinerary, there is still hope for Seattle being included on Yaytour – if you go to the main wibsite board and post on my thread (entitled “I’ll tell you where to go!”) suggesting such a thing, it will be considered. As well as improving my chances of winning the thread competition. A post indicating how Seattle is integral to a YayTour of the UK would probably be the best 😀 . Seriously though, anything’s possible once I decide to cross the equator. And I would like to go back to the ice cream shop with the peppermint candy ice cream. That was good.

Alice – Yeah, I understand your amusement! When I went on a school band tour to Europe a few years ago, we found it quite hilarious when the tour guide would say something like “This morning we’ll be driving through Belgium and Luxembourg on our way to Germany (shhhh I don’t know my geography very well)…. I’m afraid it’s a long trip – about three hours”. You can drive for 10 hours in any direction from here (except Easterly directions that is…) and still be in New South Wales. So no, a trip to Wales is definitely on the agenda. How could I miss the centre of the Wibbiverse?

In other news, the next flavour of Connoisseur ice cream I will be trying is creme brulee. The End.

a good evening

I am sitting on my bed. Playing solitaire showdown over msn messenger with a friend who lives far away. And eating Connoisseur sticky date pudding ice cream and Cadbury black forest chocolate. Who could want anything more?

Edited to add: the ice cream has REAL pudding in it!!!!!!!

staying awake

I resolved to not have a sleep today. The only way to avoid sleeping is to go out (and even this isn’t failsafe) so I went into the city with my brother and did a bit of Christmas shopping. Sadly I can’t talk about the present I am most excited about as the intended recipient (my other brother) has been known to read this wiblog. But all will be revealed in a month and some days!

So yes, walked a very long way. Gah. I will sleep very well tonight. If I manage not to snooze during the sermon… I mentioned to my minister a couple of weeks ago that I don’t have a very long attention span. “Yes, I had noticed that”… oops.

Maybe a little pre-dinner nap would be ok… just a few minutes… surely it couldn’t do any harm!