Monthly Archives: October 2004

hurrah for the wiblog!

I was just filling in a form that is essential to me ever gaining registration as a pharmacist. And it required me to record the dates that I attended workshops on vaccination and erectile dysfunction. Do you think that I wrote such things down in a diary? No! Did I record them anywhere? It didn’t seem like it. Then I remembered my wiblog archives and sure enough I had mused that vaccinations was boring and that it was a week after erectile dysfunction. Hurrah!

entropy is unavoidable

I seem to have introduced a fair amount of confusion by getting my clock settings mixed up. Ah well. Sorry folks! Carry on!

My clock change has so far gone smoothly. This could be because I woke at 10:30. Who knows if that is daylight saving time or not. Eh. I am awake and the sun is out. It was a nice morning for basking on the balcony. Although I have a phobia of sunbaking because I don’t want to get skin cancer, basking on the balcony doesn’t count for some reason.

Last night I had a dream (well I think it was a dream) that my arm was really really sore. When I woke up it was my leg that was (and still is) sore. Very strange. What would Freud make of this? Actually I’d rather not know.

I look so youthful!

The boy at the ticket office gave me a student ticket and I didn’t even ask for one!

Now I have moral dilemmas. Should I have said something?

Wimbledon was much better than Princess Diaries 2. Although the moral of the story seemed to be that sex made you play tennis better. Had better not take up tennis in the near future.

a Very Busy Day

Despite losing an hour of existence sometime very soon, I woke up quite early today. 7:40 is early for a Saturday. The first few steps of my plan went well. However by 9:30 I was tired and went back to bed. Then woke again at 11:30 and found that my brothers were going cymbal stand shopping. I’m always up for a trip to a drum shop so yes. Did that. Then came home and was tired again so had another sleep. Now I am awake again and will be going to the movies in approximately 45 minutes. Surely nothing could be as bad as the Princess Diaries 2. SURELY!

Thanks deelea for pointing out my clock dyslexia. I will indeed do whatever I’m supposed to do. I shall know when I wake at some unearthly hour tomorrow that I have made the appropriate er… adjustment. If I wake and it is nice and sunny and warm yet still early in the morning according to my clock I will have to then move my clock forward two hours. Ah well.

Oh yes, my food obsessions have broadened a bit. I am living on almonds, tuna and still the little red boxes of sultanas and pineapple. Not all together you understand. Although I can combine the almonds and fruit. Just not the tuna. Oh and I am still eating yoghurt. Apparently tuna and almonds are good for cholesterol levels. As in they make them go down (the phrase “good for cholesterol levels” could be interpreted in a number of ways depending on whose perspective you look at it from). We shall see.

The End.


This week has not dragged quite so much as others… it was a bit of a surprise to be at Friday finally.

On the Non-Hurrah front, I still can’t get the net on my laptop due to modem issues and ADSL delays. Hence the sparsity of my wiblogging this week. I don’t dare do it from work. That could be very bad indeed.

So yes, I have a very exciting weekend planned. Tomorrow morning I am going to sleep in. Then get up and read the paper. Then have lunch perhaps. At some point I will move the clocks back an hour (GRRRRRRR) then go to bed again. It will be great. Sunday will be similar except I will go to church at some point. 7pm most likely.

I have been dealing with lots of rude people today. I am sick of rude people. One lady was surly because I wouldn’t exchange some baby formula that she bought at another pharmacy. Her logic was that she is from Perth so I should exchange it. Uh huh. Unfortunately I am not allowed give such people a telling off. Bad for business. Apparently. Gah.

simultaneous destaffing

Everyone is resigning from work at the moment. Sadly idiot boss is not among them. Hmph. I am sorely tempted on occasions but thus far have refrained from giving notice. I have attained a state of unnatural tolerance for silly gits. My coworkers have commented on it. And no, I am not sneaking a Valium or two each morning.

I made the wart paste mentioned a few months back again today. The one that removed all my fingerprints. Today I think I only burnt a bit of my knuckle. But hard to tell at this stage. Maybe it’s just dry…

back again

I think my modem might be broken! My computer won’t connect to the internet. But the desktop computer will connect. Which means the problem is not the ISP or the phone line. So it must be my computer. Although, now I come to think of it, my computer is still under warranty. So that’s good! Also we are getting broadband… very soon… so it’s not really a disaster. But a bit inconvenient.

So yes, no wiblogging since Saturday! Deary me! I have had ever so many adventures since Saturday. On Sunday I went to a woundcare workshop. Band aids are bad, film dressings are good, crepe bandages are bad, cohesive bandages are good, scabs are bad, hydrogels are good… and there were some really gory pictures.

Yesterday I went to work. Work was uneventful I think. I can’t quite remember. So I assume it was. Today I also went to work and it was also fairly uneventful. I’m not sure if I’m actually saying less stupid things at the moment or if I just don’t remember them to record here for posterity. Ah well.

a travesty

I am not usually one to give up watching a movie that I have decided to watch. However 20 minutes of Chocolat was more than enough. It was ALL WRONG!! My mother and I were both annoyed and decided that if we ever wanted to watch it in the future we would get it on dvd and skip through all the non chocolate related scenes. Hmph. However Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was on beforehand and that frustrates me less. Although I do have a few quibbles about it. Namely:

1. The title is wrong. The book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Renaming it takes the focus off Charlie and onto Willy Wonka. While Willy Wonka is an important role in the movie, it is really about Charlie.
2. The scene where Verucca Salt is disposed of is wrong. She is meant to be tapped on the head by a monkey (I think?) and declared a bad nut.
3. I would like to see the bit where they fit the bed with Grandpa George, Grandma Georgina and Grandma Josephine into the elevator (which, incidentally, should NOT be called a Wonkavator)

Edited to add
4. The scene where Charlie and Grandpa Joe drink the stuff that makes them float (and hence changes the whole storyline, see point 5) is fabricated.
5. The bit before the ending is wrong. And is also based on a fabricated character. Gah.

Gah, now I’m as annoyed about Charlie as I am about Chocolat.

a four bath week

Although I have laid down bath restriction laws for myself, I do allow myself to be granted extraordinary baths should circumstances warrant such a thing. This week I have had TWO extraordinary baths. One earlier in the week when I thought it would be warm and didn’t take a jumper to work and came home wet and cold. The other was last night after a particularly harrowing day at work. My mother insisted on that one. She said that because my boss is a twit and it had been raining, I should have an additional bath. I did clarify a number of times that this would not jeopardise my Saturday bath but I was assured that this was not a problem.

For readers who have not been privy to my previous musings on baths in a time of drought, be assured that I have showers on non bath days. Unlike some of my patients who don’t seem to wash at all. Ah well, I’m sure it’s all in aid of water conservation…

toothpaste and brush collections

Three people use my bathroom. There are currently 8 toothbrushes in the toothbrush rack. For some reason we are all scared of throwing out our old brushes. Why? Does this occur in any other households?

We also usually have at least two empty tubes of toothpaste lying around. They never quite make it to the bin. All very strange.

In other news, my shop assistant gave notice today. Unless my boss fires her husband I am likely to follow suit. Stay tuned.

Oh yes and our ADSL modem has arrived. Now we are just waiting for the phone people to do something. THEN I will phase in my new email address. Which will be fairly similar to my old one I imagine. But with something different between @ and