Monthly Archives: September 2004

books and burgers and liquorice

Bought two books this morning. Memoirs of a Geisha and a cookbook called Home Food. I like cookbooks that have dessert sections in them. I also like books that are entirely dessert focused but I already have the one that fits that description in this series (it’s called Sweet Food).

For lunch I wandered forlornly (sp?) down the road. I went into the bakery with the intention of getting a sun dried tomato and olive scroll. However they were not particularly good today. Very small and… small. I mentioned this to the lady who works there (I am a regular. I can walk in and say “I’ll have the usual thanks”) and she concurred and was most kind when I said I thought I’d wait til tomorrow. Wandering continued til there was but one food shop left and then only houses and a hardware store. However the one food shop was Sydney Gourmet Burgers. A chilli burger more than made up for the scroll disappointment.

And liquorice. There was some waiting on my desk when I arrived home. From my grandma. Who was given it by my great uncle. My grandparents don’t eat liquorice. But I do!

what a change a holiday makes!

There was much rejoicing at work today. Our bosses are safely in Malta until October 20. We had a lovely time. It’s almost as good as having a holiday myself. Well better in some ways because I get paid and the hours count towards my 2000 (only about 750 to go…).

You can tell when I’m cheerful because I sing along to my Les Miserables soundtrack. Is there some irony there? Eh, I just like the music. Have never actually seen the musical or read the book. I do know the story though. I am also eating Baci kisses which a lovely friend gave me yesterday. Now… just need to arrange for bosses to be detained in Malta indefinitely…

a dessert triumph

You place a banana in a bowl. Maybe break it into pieces first. Don’t bother chopping it. Just another thing to wash. Then add some strawberries. Then a tub of yoghurt. Hold the tub upside down and hit it hard til the yoghurt lands in the bowl with a satisfying plop. Place a slightly stale (and hence crumbly) pavlova nest on top. Hit pavlova nest with spoon to make it crumble. Eat resulting mess with said spoon.

Not too bad at all.

sunday passes by

The Sunday of Yay has been quite similar to that of deelea (see link on the left somewhere). Except I made two short expeditions. Went to one shopping centre with my brother to buy ice cream. Then went to another shopping centre with a friend to… er… do not much. We ended up walking through a furniture store and trying out all the couches. Decided on a nice leather one which worked well for my favourite slumped position. One’s face should not be facing the ceiling when one is slumped. It should be inclined towards the tv.

Now I have to go and play the piano at church. My brother are also being musicians tonight. Just call us the Partridge Family. Or Hanson. No, maybe not Hanson.

snoozing and weddings

Have spent the morning sleeping. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And have to make self presentable for a wedding that starts in… an hour. I think I prefer being a bridesmaid to a guest. At least then I am told what to wear, what to do, where to sit and who to sit with. Being a guest is a bit too freeform. Ah well. The flip side of that is that as a guest no-one really cares what I wear or do.

I have no idea what I will wear… eh.

My new pen is going very well. One of its selling points that I didn’t notice at the time was that it is good for writing upside down with. I haven’t quite mastered writing upside down. And frankly I can’t see the point of it. I can do mirror writing very nicely but upside down… why would you bother? Seriously though, it is a good thing. As my desk is covered in computer stuff and empty sultana boxes, I do most writing activities in bed. And it takes a very special pen to be able to write while the… er… person who’s writing is supine. $4.15. Bargain.

another new yoghurt sensation

White raspberry flavour. It’s not actually made of white raspberries (do such things exist?) but it’s raspberry and white chocolate flavoured. VERY GOOD.

Something odd happened today that I wanted to wiblog about. But I can’t remember what it was.

In other news I rearranged the allergy/cold and flu/kids analgesics sections today. Now they make sense.

And I bought a new pen. It’s very nice.

yoghurt night

Mountain berry combo is a good yoghurt flavour. It has cherries in it. I love cherries but I hate cherry flavoured things. Cherry yoghurts are all cherry flavoured. But this one is mountain berry combo flavoured. A secret code for cherries without the cherry flavouring.

Not much to report really. Work was as boring as… something very boring. A 2 hour sermon on Matthew 1:1-17 would probably come close. I faffed around a bit and created jobs for myself. Did some deliveries to get out of the shop and see some different faces. Although come to think of it every person I came across on my walk was one of my regular patients. Ah well. A new context can be exciting…

something you don’t see very often any more

This evening there was a queue for the three public phones at the station. Amazing. I use the public phones because it doesn’t cost me anything (Homelink is a nifty dealy that lets me call home from any phone in Australia and it charges it to my home phone account… which my parents pay 🙂 ). Anyway, I just thought that was interesting. Maybe I need to get out more.

i am such an evangelical

Look at me, all weekend at a Katoomba conference and tonight I am serving dinner at my church’s Alpha course. Oh my goodness. Oh and tomorrow I’m going to bible study! But I did truant church last night. So I suppose it’s not all bad 🙂 And don’t ask for my views on Alpha either. Then I will sound like a raving liberal!