Monthly Archives: August 2004

game #13

I am trying to play my way through all however many freecell games there are. I am stuck on number 13. Well it’s #13 on my palm pilot. But I don’t know if that would correlate to other programs. Will have to check before the shareware license runs out. I only started 2 days ago. And I’m not expecting to finish for a very long time… at least October 😀 . Luckily I have a freeware version on my palm as well. It’s just not as aesthetically pleasing as the shareware one.

I had quite a nice day at work today. Mainly because my boss was doing a job that I normally do on Wednesdays. This was good because a) it is extremely boring and b) as he is not used to doing it, this kept him out of my way for most of the day and c) now I don’t have to come in early tomorrow to do it. Hurrah!

everyone be nice!

I slave away over a hot keyboard for hours each day and what thanks do I get? Cruel comments about how I get the ends of words wrong. It’s not very nice you know!

It is quite funny though. I am actually very good at spelling, however there are just some words that I always get wrong when I’m not concentrating. Drawer and stationery are two of them. I’ve corrected them in a number of other wiblog entries (before any nasty folks pointed out the error of my ways) but I can’t do that this time or I’d have to delete all the comments as well. And I wouldn’t do that because I’m NICE. Hmph.

Ah well, in other news I was a bit silly last night and went to the movies after church. This was silly because I require a lot of sleep and a 9:30pm movie session combined with a 7am train the next morning makes for a very tired yay. So I’m sure there are menny other speeling erorrs toady.

industrious as ever

I have been ever so busy this morning. Packed into the hours until 2:15pm have been all these things:

1) Watched the final of the women’s basketball (we came second)
2) Slept for 9 hours
3) Ate an english muffin with blackberry jam. And a mandarin.
4) Pondered the layout for the equestrian event
5) Made a saucepan full of green custard
6) Constructed a field out of madeira cake, green custard and scotch finger biscuits
7) Constructed some lovely horsies out of mini swiss rolls, choc-mint sticks, liquorice and rum balls
8) Read the crappy sunday paper (this occurred after number 3)
9) Decorated my field with jumps and greenery and spectators
10) Carried it outside for a photography session
11) Placed horsies in the field (I thought they might fall over if I put them on before carrying it out)
12) Took photos
13) Brought equestrian event inside as it had started raining
14) Had a shower
15) Threaded the drawstring thing through the hood of my jellow jumper.
16) Made a list of things I’ve done.

I need something to do!

This is terrible. It is my first weekend with no assignments to do and I am already looking for my next project. Can’t decide whether to recommence learning Greek, start learning Hebrew or Italian or do some writing. Or something else. Like… building Lord of the Rings (or similar epic saga) out of toothpicks… or vegetables. Now taking suggestions for things to occupy myself with over the next 18 months of no formal study!

I am currently reading my first ever Jane Austen. I have seen Pride and Prejudice and Emma in movie form but have never made it past page 3 of a book. Until now. I am currently in about chapter 20 of Sense and Sensibility. I think I would like to have met Jane Austen. Although we would probably either have got along very well or hated each other.

Other achievements for today have included getting up, sorting through my stationary draw (I threw out 3 pens!) and putting some stuff on a shelf. Oh and having a bath. Yes. I am very busy. But I don’t think I would make a very good lady of leisure. I’d had enough of doing nothing by midday.

an eventful friday

A few things happened today

A market researcher called and asked if she could come and talk to me. Well actually she asked if she could talk to a pharmacist. And when people ask that on the phone I usually say I am one. Anyway, she paid me $50 for a 20 minute interview. So there was cake had for afternoon tea.

Then a drunk guy started throwing beer bottles at passing cars and fell over in the gutter outside my work so we got to call the police. Hooray! I think they responded a bit quicker than last time we summoned them but he was still yelling when I left so I don’t think they’d located him at that point.

Oh and I did some deliveries. Which is always fun. It’s nice to wander the streets and chat to people. A lovely day for a walk too!

Now I am about to go out and spend the rest of my ill gotten gains on dinner or something…

I saw something funny today

Background information: the area where I work is home to a large number of “older first time mothers”. These mothers (and I imagine their partners) have planned their child’s life down to what it will be having for breakfast on its 7th birthday. These mothers have also had a good number of years of full time work to save up for “the best” for their child. Needless to say there are a hazardous number of enormous strollers and prams patrolling the streets at any time. They also tend to move in gangs of up to four or five mother/baby combos.

So yes, I was walking down the street to get my lunch. I came upon a posse of enormous strollers. One of the mothers decided to take a shortcut and go between the two poles of a street sign. Unfortunately the distance between the two poles was about an inch less than the width of the enormous pram. The pram, baby and mother came to a rather abrupt halt. The look of surprise on the baby’s face (and the mother’s face, come to think of it) was priceless. Thankfully I had a friend with me to share a few minutes of mirth.

up and coming events

As I type this, the 100m track and the rowing (I’m not sure what distance) are under construction. Sadly I have had no role in their creation but that’s ok. Pictures will be available after the jelly sets.

In other news, there are a total of 5 beverage receptacles on my desk. Two water glasses. One Nesquik cup, one hot chocolate mug and one cup which probably had water in it but may have had orange juice (straight from the tree. Well, via the squeezer thing anyway). I was looking for something to hold my beverage in when I got home from work and couldn’t work out where all the cups were. Now I know. I had a dream once that my desk had over 50 glasses. That was the day I found 14 on my desk. How do they all get there? And how do they all fit without me noticing? Crazy.

twiddling my thumbs

I spent large portions of today twiddling my thumbs. The problem is that I’m too efficient. And there are too many people at work. It does strike me that as I’m the only one without a financial interest in the business that I would be the first one to go if this were realised but let’s pretend that I am essential!

So now that coursework is out of the way I can focus on my contribution to the wiblog birthday celebrations. Should I write a poem? Create a birthday celebration dessert? Record an album? Paint a picture? So many options. I was going to write a new book of the bible (I even started learning Greek) but my brother said I was a heretic. Maybe for next year.

Well there’s plenty to think about anyhow.

hooray mk2!!!

NOW I have finished the assignment. I was technically finished before but forgot to attach it to the email I sent to my group members. There was a bit of panic when I got home to find all the phones ringing and my email making envelope faces at me and my parents telling me to ring people. But it’s all ok now.

Church was good. We had the bishop. He’s loads better than our old bishop. Well I should clarify that – our old bishop was a learned and Godly man. Very nice. But a bit boring. The current bishop is a great speaker.


I think I have just finished my last assignment for the course!!!!! There are huge amounts of yayness happening. Although it’s not submitted yet and anything could happen. Be calm yay. Preserve your joy for when you’ve passed…

This morning stupid A the deposed group leader called me. Turns out he hasn’t checked his email and hence didn’t know that he’d been fired from his position. I told him to go and check his email and that no we would not be having a meeting today. He was a bit taken aback and I haven’t heard any more from him… Why on earth would a meeting TODAY be of any benefit? That assignment is due TOMORROW. Don’t you think that the rest of us may just have already done out bits? (well at this point I hadn’t done my bits but I was about to!). Gah.