Monthly Archives: July 2004

a good thing?

My new keyboard pops up a message on my monitor when I hit caps lock. I think this is a good thing because I often accidentally hit caps lock without noticing. Although surely if I were looking at the screen then I would notice that I’ve hit caps lock anyway. Maybe some sort of chime would be better. Gentle but insistent. Not a harsh buzzer. Have to think of my poor nerves.

Other useful things my new keyboard has is a volume swizzle button thing, a numeric keypad and a scroll wheel. Which I haven’t got into a habit of using yet but give me time.

Vest Practice Assignment

…so reads the title of the assignment that I plan to finish today (after starting it 10 minutes ago). No it will not be the highest quality piece of work I’ve ever completed but I don’t think that matters. Considering that the course material is at least 8 years out of date, I imagine that the marking can’t be too harsh…

So yes, Saturday morning sees Yay sitting at her desk, eating sultanas and dried pineapple out of a cute little red box with smiling pineapples on it, listening to the radio and trying to write 500 words so that she can eat her 500 word incentive (a king sized Cherry Ripe). I don’t imagine I’ll ever get to 500 words so it doesn’t matter that I haven’t decided on a 1000 word incentive yet. Maybe a 6 month holiday??


I arrived home tonight in a fairly foul mood, after a trying day with my employer and found a letter on my desk from my grandparents. It contained $100 because “sometimes it is a joy not only to give but to receive, hence this little surprise for you”. Ahhhhhhhh 🙂 . No other reason. Now I don’t have to feel guilty about buying a book yesterday.

Oh! AND it’s Friday and this week has flown by quite quickly! Yay for busyness!

a toilet paper tantrum

Location: my work
Time: this afternoon, about 4pm
Characters: Yay (Y), Woman with pregnancy test (W), Man with toilet paper (M), other lady (L), various other people standing around looking impatient

Yay: (to a lady who’s here from Tasmania on holidays and forgot her scripts and I’d just called her pharmacy in Tasmania to ask them to mail me her prescriptions) blah blah blah that will be $7.60 thanks. (Looks at M) Just the toilet paper?
M: (starts to hand over toilet paper)
W: Excuse me, I have been waiting quite some time!
Y: (somewhat intimidated, accepts the pregnancy kit thrust into her hands)
M: (throws toilet paper to the ground and storms out)
Y: (finishes pregnancy test transaction)
L: That was a bit of a rush!
Y: Yes, complete with a dummy spit over a toilet roll
L: Yes, I saw that! Some people!
Y: Ah well, what can you do? I’m not going to lose any sleep over a toilet roll.
L: Good! I hope you have a good evening.
Y: Thanks! That will be $25.90 (or some other amount)

breaking news

I have decided to switch my bath schedule. The bath previously known as the Thursday bath, will now be titled the Wednesday bath.

In other news the Fantale dilemma is resolved. I debated pretending to open the packet on arrival at bible study but instead just turned up and said “I brought Fantales but I ate some first”. I don’t think anyone minded.

Ooh ooh today I asked my boss about taking some time off in late August/early September. She said that would be fine “if it’s what you want to do”. Damn straight it is!

does this count as an ulterior motive

Part 1. Setting the scene.

I am not sure if Fantales are an Australian thing or not. So I will briefly describe them for the benefits of the Wibsite International Community. A Fantale is a (roughly) cube shaped piece of caramel, covered in chocolate. Its wrapper has writing on it about famous people or movies or something on it. When eating them in groups of people it’s a bit like a “Who am I” game. Anyway, bottom line – they are a type of chocolate.

I bought a large packet for church on Sunday. However I couldn’t find a bowl as there was already truckloads of supper. So they weren’t opened. I brought them home.

Part 2. The problem.

I would like to eat SOME of the Fantales. But once I open the packet I will eat them all over a timeframe less than what would be recommended by most dietary guidelines. This is not desirable.

Part 3. The solution?

Tonight is bible study. If I open the Fantales now, I will be able to eat a few then I can take the opened packet to bible study and people will eat the rest of them. So everyone’s a winner right? But my motives are not pure!

NB: I have already opened the packet and eaten three Fantales. So now I must either take an opened packet to bible study (is that bad?) or eat the rest myself. Tough call.

and it was monday indeed

This morning it was a struggle to get out of bed. This was the second time in 5 days that I had encountered such a problem. While reading the paper at work it occurred to me that maybe I should have a holiday. Sure it would delay my reaching 2000 hours of work and I wouldn’t get paid for a week but are those really things worth fretting about? No. I think not. So I’d like to propose that after my next bundle of assignments are done (which will be… never at this rate) I take a holiday. I wonder if my patented “tell the bosses rather than asking them” technique will work for this one. We’ll see. I don’t particularly want to go anywhere, I’d just like to stay home in my pyjamas and bake cakes and watch daytime tv and read stuff that’s not about drugs. Yes. It’s sounding better each time I think about it.

a new era in dental hygiene

I now have my first tooth and tongue brush. And I like it! It’s like a normal toothbrush but with rubber ridge things on the back of the head. A visual inspection of the tongue area pre- and postbrushing revealed that it definitely does SOMETHING. And I quite like the brush bit too. My old toothbrush was less than a month old and was ready to retire. And what did it do for my tongue? NOTHING!

Gah I have so many assignments to do. And a group meeting this afternoon at 3pm. Was it Jack who was talking about group work being the tool of Satan (or something like that)? Well if it wasn’t I think I could imagine her saying that anyway. I suspect that I will be frowned upon for having done almost nothing since last week. The almost is only there because I found a location for our health promotion. I was going to ask my boss but then thought it better not to give them a choice. Instead I said “Oh, by the way, as part of my graduate course we have to run a health promotion in the pharmacy in August. Does Thursday the 12th sound ok?”. Surely that must count for something!

Now I am going to work on my presentation to a group of senior citizens on nutrition. I don’t actually have to present it to real senior citizens although I’m sure I could if I wanted to. But I have to present it nonetheless.