Monthly Archives: June 2004


At work I like to answer the phone. This is because I am a control freak and am working with people who don’t know what they’re doing. I’d rather deal with something straight away than have someone else bugger it up and have to call people back and fix everything later.

However this afternoon I received bollockings from 4 different people because I answered the phone. One of the people resulted in an additional SIX phone calls (in the end the rep for the product involved offered to call the customer for me. I love that rep). Others resulted in me needing to go to the cake shop across the road and buy these really tasty almond cakey things which are chewy and biscuity and cakey and come in coffee or normal flavour.

So should I answer the phone or not? I think I need caller ID…

a holiday of sorts

I have three weeks holiday from bible study!! Partly because my leaders just had their first baby and partly because it’s the school holidays in a couple of weeks. This makes me pleased. Not because I don’t like bible study. But I do like having a break from it!

It seems there is a bus strike tomorrow. Maybe I should take a holiday from work as well. Alternatively I could talk my brother into going for a bit of a drive tomorrow morning. He’ll love it! Surely! I’ll buy him gelato or something… or an egg and bacon roll… or something…

how to find my wiblog

Type the following words into google:

Badly to not at all slept. I hope I stand for the medicines withdrawal through. Then a forum provides. Whole I the no more bed bed to lie rather early there did not want. Later I drove then to my girl friend. There I learned English. At home I had to

Uh huh!

I have made a discovery

The optometrist told me that looking in a mirror would not help while removing contacts. You know what? He lied!

In other news… erm… well there isn’t much really. I am about to have a tub of yoghurt. And then maybe a shower. And then go to bed. Exciting hey?

a peaceful afternoon

My brothers are drumming in the room on one side of mine. My mother is playing the trombone on the other side. I am on day three of contact lenses for being short sighted and think I will have a headache by the time it’s dark.

a 6 hour day

Today I have to wear the contacts for 6 hours. I was a bit concerned this morning when trying to put them in… which hand goes where? And what do I do for the left eye?! But we got there in the end (not an hour Jack – closer to 7 minutes).

After that I needed to go somewhere and prove that I could see stuff. So I went to the supermarket with my brother and bought yoghurt and M&Ms (assuring myself that yoghurt and M&Ms is surely better for me than ice cream and M&Ms) and read street signs, number plates and assorted other readable items.

I am looking at the chaos around me and thinking that maybe some cleaning up is in order. The portable pile of stuff (the one that moves between my chair and my bed) has reformed. Well, not in the sense of reformed which implies it has seen the error of its ways and changed its life. But it was dispersed for a while. And now it is back. And my desk. I had a dream this morning that there were 50 empty glasses on my desk. No matter how many I carried out the kitchen, there were always 50 there when I got back. Not too far from the truth. Although there weren’t any sultana boxes or Viagra Action men (now that has got your attention!) on my desk in the dream.

now it’s all clear

Today was lense day. It was not the disaster it could have been. I have not poked my eyes out. Which is good. I managed to insert and remove lenses successfully. I was a bit concerned because in the practise session with the optometrist, we only practised on the right eye. Which meant that when I had to take them out, I wasn’t sure which hand went where for the left eye. But we got there in the end.

Conversation of the day.
Boss: Oh yes, at a management conference I was at once they got a graphologist in to evaluate us all. He was surprisingly accurate.
Yay: what? He said you were obsessive-compulsive?
Boss: (looks a bit put out)… Well… not exactly… but everyone’s obsessive. You just have to find out what their obsession is.

Says the man who spent his first day at work filing metal bits on the sticky tape dispensers.

because i could

I caught a bendy bus today. It wasn’t going to my destination. But I caught it anyway. Why? Because I could. I wanted to see what it looked like from the back of the bus. Verdict: it was a very long bus. With nice seats.

getting my moneys worth

This morning I went to the optometrist (thanks Medicare). He said that my eyes hadn’t changed much and hence my old glasses (thanks private health fund) are still fine. I’m paying $50/month for private health care. But I’m too damn healthy! So anyway, I decided to get contact lenses. The advantage to this is that I’ll be able to see ALL the time (well when I’m awake) rather than just when I put my glasses on so that I can wave down the right bus. This is very exciting really.

However I am a bit concerned about putting the things in… any hints or tips? I’m not known for my manual dexterity…

when is a yoghurt not a yoghurt?

At the supermarket today I noticed custard yoghurts. I didn’t buy them because they came in a six pack and weren’t low fat (I can’t get myself hooked on high fat yoghurt… I already drink full fat milk and eat too much ice cream). They were also the wrong brand. Yoplait instead of Ski. But anyway, custard yoghurt. What is that?! It takes two perfectly good dairy products and combines them, surely somewhere along the line detracting from the strengths of both products.