Monthly Archives: April 2004


There is a pie in the oven. Apple. I am quite pleased about this.

Other things I am pleased about:

1) It is Friday evening

2) I have a nice new jacket. It is very warm and not pink.

3) Tomorrow is Saturday

4) The day after tomorrow is Sunday.

5) Tomorrow morning I get to sleep in until the wonderful time of 7:12am. 30 minutes is not quite long enough to get ready, but 33 is just right. That is 42 minutes later than this morning.

6) Someone turned up to do deliveries today. Two people in fact! The lady from the pub’s son and daughter.

The End.

can I just say

that Thursday afternoons SUCK big time.

Every Thursday afternoon is rife with disasters, angry people and other not so good things. Things that happened today:

1) Three people cried because one of the opiate analgesics is out of stock. One yelled at me and left. The other two finally allowed me to call their doctors and sort out something else. This also involved walking to the medical centre around the corner to pick up the scripts (the patients were unable to get them themselves and it’s not a good idea to trust scripts for that sort of thing to the post) and borrow another box of the substitute drug because we had already dispensed all ours due to the out of stock situation.

2) Bloody delivery boy #1 didn’t show up. Apparently he quit. But er… didn’t tell us. Thanks.

3) Bloody delivery boy #2 quit. BD#2 is an older man who wanders around the streets of our town every day and visits our pharmacy multiple times each day to say hello (this gets a bit annoying) and who we roped in to do deliveries when all the other boys bailed on us one week. He had a somewhat scary attraction to me (apparently this happens with all female staff members). However he’s been ignoring me for the last week and today told the other pharmacist that he’s unable to work for us anymore because of me. I’m interested to know what I’ve done. However I am happy to have lost the second stalker of my short life.

4) Mrs Old Woman Who Always Sounds Like She’s Dying called to say she needed her prescriptions made up. One of these was a cream that I have to make myself. No time for such trifles!

5) I had to go and do half the deliveries myself on foot. I have decided most can wait til tomorrow but there were a few that needed to go tonight.

6) On my way back from the deliveries I was berated by the hairdresser whose photos have been lost by the photo people. I HATE PHOTOS. They are the bane of my existence. Truly. Why do the photo people always lose the photos of difficult customers?

7) Various angry people who only speak Italian came in with scripts for things which are out of stock. EVERYTHING is out of stock. I’m terribly sorry about it but if you refuse to have a different brand there is not a lot I can do. It’s not my fault. Really. The manufacturer appears to have forgotten how to make drugs. No I don’t know what they are doing. Maybe they’ve decided to make fair floss instead.

8) I didn’t get anything done that was on my list of things that “Absolutely must be done by Friday”.



Now that the battle of the banners is effectively over, and everyone who’s anyone is flying all the flags simultaneously, I will need to think of something to write about.

Well there’s work. Which is… er.. somewhat transitional as my new bosses start on Monday. Or the fact that I just ate two pieces of fruit for dessert instead of ice cream or chocolate based products. Or my excitement about my tutorial (and hence assignment deadline) being shifted back a week. Or forward a week. Depending on your concept of time. It’s a week later anyway.

Yeah. Maybe I’ll sleep on it and come back later.

chain saws

Early this morning, my peaceful long weekend slumber was disturbed by a chain saw being used under my window. Although come to think of it, I MAY have already been awake when it was first started. But still. Chain sawing before 9:30 on a public holiday is a bit harsh. Ah well. I have now written a good 11 lines in one of my assignments. So it’s not all bad.

But I was just thinking that I am very glad not to be male. My father and brothers are all quite happy to use chainsaws, as is my neighbour. Those things are terrifying. I’m sure if I tried to use one I’d cut myself in half. Thankfully it is not expected that I know how to or have the inclination to use one. I am happy with this state of affairs. Please don’t try to end my oppression by demanding equal chain saw rights for females. That is one killing machine I can do without.

hair free carpet

A while ago some people gave me tips on removing hair from carpet. The most common suggestion was to drag sneakers (or, I suppose, any rubber soled shoes) over the carpet and the hair would all come out in clumps. I stored this tip in my head along with other useful hints (eg. vinegar and baking soda seem to be useful to clean pretty much anything, registration stickers can be easily removed from windscreens using alcohol based hand cleaning gel).

But after taking my new sneakers out of their box yesterday (and I did make it to the church, despite the enormous hill early in the walk), I decided I needed to wear them again. Exercise two days in a row seemed somewhat excessive so instead I thought I’d try out the carpet tip. And you know what? It works! It also seemed to get a lot of other junk out of the carpet, so when I vaccuumed to get all the other junk usually resident in my carpet, there wasn’t a whole lot picked up.

Yay for my new shoes! Thank you HCF for subsidising these carpet cleaning wonder machines.


It is such a lovely day today I have decided to walk to church to watch videos and eat ice cream instead of getting a lift. I have been thinking that maybe my recent sluggishness is a result of my exercise levels slumping somewhat since starting work. There’s no longer the 2km walk each way from the station to the Pharmacy Building at uni. Instead I walk a good 20 metres from the station to the bus stop, then another 100 metres (ooh maybe 150) from the other bus stop to work. I had good intentions of getting off the bus early and walking further but recent lateness and the lack of aesthetically pleasing scenery on Parramatta Road has discouraged me somewhat.

So anyway, I just remembered that I have a brand new pair of sneakers (er… is that an Australianism? I don’t think so… joggers? runners? predominantly white shoes worn when exercising) bought when I joined my health fund in December last year. In January there was new legislation brought into effect which meant that health funds could no longer subsidise sports shoes. So when I joined, the man at the desk told me to go and buy a pair of shoes straight away and he’d give me $50 back. Sounded fair.

However since then I haven’t got round to opening the box. The thought of luminous new shoes scares me a bit. I like shoes much better when they have a nice layer of dirt on them… But they are nice, despite their shinyness. I will walk on the side of the road with no footpath and hopefully there will be lots of dust and by the time I arrive at my destination they will look like I’ve had them for years.