Monthly Archives: March 2004


It has been decided that the pseudoephedrine/triprolidine combination is not good for this Yay at all. It only really wore off this afternoon. As it’s meant to be taken 3x daily and I took a single tablet yesterday at 6pm I suspect it’s another thing for me to avoid. My boss says I must have a screwed metabolism. Ah well. As long as I can still eat chocolate…

So anyway, I’ve moved on to lozenges. Have tried three different ones this afternoon.

1) A “natural defence” lozenge which was supposed to be taken at the first sign of a cold and contained echinacea, zinc and… vitamin c (not much). Well I just tried it because it was in the drawer of samples. It tasted terrible, had a very odd texture and was not soothing at all.

2) An anti-inflammatory/antibacterial lemon/honey lozenge. This one was ok. Didn’t taste GREAT. And it did do something. But the taste would put me off further trials. This one was also out of the sample drawer so that’s ok that I didn’t like it.

3) An antibacterial lemon/honey one. I’d had these before and knew they were bearable but hadn’t had them for ages so wasn’t sure that it really was better than lozenge 2. However it was. Which was good as I’d bought a packet of them. Apologies for the grammar mess with singluars and plurals in this paragraph. I’ll blame the evil combination product.

Having said that, I am not sure that lozenges are particularly useful for sore throats anyway – throats are usually sore at the back but it’s almost impossible to keep a lozenge in that area. Ah well 30% placebo effect.

things I’ve learnt

I think this new medication makes it to number 3. It definitely does something! I am a bit concerned about the people who arrived late to bible study and missed my explanation of why I was extra dopey. Note to self: when under the influence of cold and flu medications, do not attempt to answer an extremely broad question which requires a concise summary of the history of the church and reasons for schisms etc.

It’s probably also a bad idea to write wiblog entries at such times as well. Will return tomorrow to tidy up a bit!


To celebrate the end of daylight saving time, I seem to have developed a cold. Due to my rather robust immune system (childhood hygiene is really way overrated) I never get very sick. Just a bit snotty! But you know what this means? I get to take my favourite drug!!! I even managed to find a combination of pseudoephedrine with a drowsiness-inducing antihistamine – for some reason the manufacturers are not making these combos at the moment. If it works well, then triprolidine might make it to #3 on my list of favourite drugs.

I’m not entirely sure whether it will make me drowsy or not. The upper and downer effects of the two drugs tend to cancel each other out… well that’s what the drug company says anyway. I usually just go extremely dopey wit this sort of tablet. Well, dopier than usual.


I seem to have eaten the rest of my graduation chocolates… I don’t think I intended to do that. Ah well. It’s been a very long day. The girl who was supposed to start work at 3:30 (when I was supposed to leave) didn’t show up so I was there til 6:30.

I have been terribly afflicted with oronasopharyngeal itch today. I was ever so pleased to find that the annoying itch inside my head has a name! And that it is treated with my second favourite drug!!

Storage solutions

I need to buy another 28 cds and 32 dvds to fill the racks I just bought for said entertainment mediums. One cd is on its way come to think of it. Make that 27 cds.

Have been doing a spot of cleaning today. I have an aim of removing the chair with the pile of stuff on it. This involves filing, putting away or throwing out the stuff on it. Which means getting rid of clothes I never wear so that there is room for those I do wear in the wardrobe.

Oh yes, my extra hour of sleep went to good use. I think I actually woke up at 7 this morning but after reading for a while went back to sleep. Until the parents got home from church and said very loudly outside my door “THEY’RE STILL ASLEEP!!!”. Well not anymore. But not to worry, was time to get up anyway. I am considering going to 5pm church tonight so I can laugh at the people who turn up an hour early to 7pm church… maybe not.


Just had our first beach mission meeting for the year (the one where not much happens so that the second meeting isn’t the first meeting) and for the first time in years we were asked what the theme of mission should be, as opposed to being told by the directors. We split into two groups supposedly to brainstorm on possible topics. My group had already decided on pirates before this time but then figured we should come up with some alternative suggestions. So our preferences were pirates, bushrangers and vikings. Apparently vikings did even MORE raping, plundering and pillaging than pirates so were a bit less appropriate at a mission. Whereas pirates were obviously just a bit misguided!

But pirates it is! The other group had quite a list of suggestions but as we had already come up with possible memory verses (eg. the one about treasure), teaching topics and slogans (eg. Jesus is my SaveYAAR!) well, there was really no competition!

Yay B.Pharm (hons)

Righto, finally graduation is over. It has been a long day with many photos and silly gowns and stuff like that. I didn’t stuff up spectacularly (like falling down the stairs or anything) but the dean said afterwards that he had trouble catching my eye. I put this down to poor concentration rather than anything else. After the ceremony everyone pranced around on the lawns in the quad taking photos (it was terrible! It sort of reminded me of that bible verse – “when two or more are gathered on the lawn, then a flock of parents/siblings/friends with cameras will be with you”). I went to the pharmacy building with a few friends for more photos and found myself swept into the faculty common room by the dean for some… er… thing. It involved the people who’d got PhDs today. It was very odd. I think he saw us in the corridor and thought some token honours students would be nice. We were the only bachelor graduates in there and had no idea what we were there for. Turned out the dean wanted to acknowledge the “up and coming” post grad students and needed some to point at (even though of the four of us, one didn’t do honours two have absolutely no intention of doing further study). Ah well. Thankfully it was over by the time I had to return the cloak and hood and hat thing.

All in all, it wasn’t as terrible as I expected it to be but I’m terribly glad it’s done with.

Disasters of varying proportion

I am even more glad that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow now. There were so many disasters today that there is sure to be some sort of aftermath tomorrow. However it is three days before I darken the thresholds of work again so I will hope that all will be forgotten by then. Surely it will be! And if it isn’t? I’ll simply deny all knowledge!


I’ve just realised that I don’t need to get up before sunrise again for quite a while!! Tomorrow I start work later. The next day I don’t go to work because I have to get frocked up and ponce across a stage to get a bit of rolled up paper (at 2pm, well after sunrise). The day after that is Saturday. And I do not wake up early on Saturdays. THEN daylight saving finishes!!! Finally! Daylight saving is all very well and good but it surely should finish at the end of February.


Hmph last week’s seminar was much more interesting than tonight. It was not the most scintillating 1.5 hours of my life. However I did see some friends from uni, which was nice. And I got a slinkie (are they called that elsewhere? A spring thing that was big in the 80s) and a flu shot badge. I’m so blessed!