Monthly Archives: February 2004


I’ve been told by tv and trashy magazines that in this day and age, merely brushing our teeth is not sufficient to stop the squillions of evil bacteria in our mouth from devouring our teeth – it is imperative that we brush our tongues as well. One of the toothpaste brands is now no longer a toothpaste – it’s a whole mouth paste. Wow!

Having a particularly dirty mouth today (after eating the greatest ice cream in the world earlier and biscuits all afternoon), I decided to try out the mouth brushing concept. But it didn’t work. Brushing my tongue caused it to reflexively curl up (and not die).. it didn’t enjoy the sensation in the slightest!

So what now? I may have to take up flossing and gargling, in an effort to make up for my lack of tongue brushing… or I could somehow condition my tongue, using desensitisation techniques. Or maybe someone makes a tonguebrush for sensitive tongues.

blah blah blah

Still going on the privacy section of the assignment. I’m not very good at sitting down and doing stuff like this. I’m having a lot of trouble not plagiarising actually. See, there’s ONE book available on Australian privacy legislation in community pharmacy. And the questions have obviously been written in reference to this book. So when I’m asked “A person asks for access to their records. Are you required to have the request in writing?” and there is a paragraph in the book answering this very question (ie. No, although for complex requests it may be preferable to get the request in writing so that complete and correct records are provided)… there are only so many ways to reword that!

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

1) Shopping. Regular readers of ToVY may be aware that I hate shopping. Today’s expedition had the aim of acquiring a 21st birthday present for my friend. My brother and I bought her a book called Godel, Escher, Bach which is about all sorts of things… maths, physics, music, computers… etc. I hope she likes it. It’s a good book for people who like to know everything. We also bought Risk (board game – subtitle “The game of global domination”) so that we can train for an upcoming Risk tournament. Training is important in the field of global domination. Especially as I have never played the game before. We were thinking that a Risk club could be cool… like a bridge club but different.

2) Assignment. Mmmmm yes. I am occasionally glancing across at the book of privacy legislation next to me, hoping to find the clause on how to define the age of consent. It’s in there somewhere. I know. Once I’ve waded through the privacy stuff there are some enthralling questions on warts, shingles, urinary tract infections and poster making skills. Not to mention writing letters to angry matrons and composing information sheets on diabetic foot care.


The other day a man came into work with a script for 30 suppositories. It turned out that he only needed one for the night before a procedure. He said to me “Well what am I supposed to do with 29 suppositories?”. I was silent for a good few seconds, trying to suppress all the possible responses. He looked at my face and said “Don’t say it!”. So I didn’t. But I thought it.

I made it!

Finally finally finally I’ve made it to Friday night. Got a lift halfway home with my boss and we were both fairly zombie-like…

Now I’m eating the best ice cream in the world and thinking about having a bath and going to bed. The main variable is the bath. That COULD wait til tomorrow really. In fact I think it will dammit. I just can’t be bothered tonight.

This morning in the tunnel the palm and face reading lady was there, as well as a contingent of religious fruitcakes of some description. When I walked past, the face reading lady had bailed up a religious fruitcake. Or vice versa. Decided not to interrupt them with a face reading request.

a tea break

Finally I have obtained my favourite tea and today had my first tea break. Well it wasn’t really a break as such, as I was receipting invoices whilst drinking my tea (and now I have some tea stained invoices), but there was tea. And chocolate. Fruit and nut.

Been having a very bad week at work. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as tasks are concerned but the shop assistant is very sick at the moment (as in high dependency ward sick, not just sneezing at work). So I am doing her job as well, and it’s a very busy time of month. So yes, it’s a bit depressing working non stop all day and still not finishing everything on the to do list. Well what would be on the to do list if I had time to make one.

But on the plus side I think I have done more than 10% of my hours now!

the paperless office

Whoever tried to raise people’s hopes with such idealistic crap should be in big trouble.

Today my major task was to get the scripts ready to send to the Health Insurance Commission (HIC). This involves making sure that they’re a) all present b) correctly stickered c) signed d) dated by the person who signed them e) stamped where necessary (eg. if one of the items on the script wasn’t required it needs to be stamped with DEFERRED and if the person needs a drug early it needs the EMERGENCY SUPPLY stamp with a signature) f) have the patient’s full name and address, concession number and medicare number… and some other letters of the alphabet that I can’t be bothered to write about.

So this is stupid why? Well I spend all day putting all this information on the scripts (a normal claim can be thousands of scripts) so that they aren’t rejected by the HIC – signing, dating, stamping, stickering (and oh sod I’ve just verbified sticker!). And the HIC KNOWS that I’m doing this. And when we send our claim to them we send a DISK with everything on it – all the numbers and letters and dates and everything. There must be a better way!

I’d like to propose microchipping at birth. Everyone. And the microchips can be used for everything – health care, train tickets, coke machines…

a free croissant

When I went to buy my lunch at the bakery today, the girl there said “can I give you a free croissant?”. I didn’t think she’d have to ask. But I very graciously allowed her to give free croissants to me and my boss. Ah my generosity knows no bounds.

boom boom tink crash boom

My brother just bought a drum kit. It’s quite a fun thing really, and I suspect quite a good aerobic workout. It’s also about half a metre from the wall between our rooms. I have told him that should him drumming become too constant, our mother will gladly take to practising her trombone in his room at 7am.