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I was just singing hymns in the bath (as you do) and finished up with a hearty rendition of And Can it Be. Suddenly I heard myself sing "My arms fell off, my heart was freeee"… hang on…. "My clothes fell off… nope, that’s not right either…" third time lucky!

Something seems to have gone wrong with my moblog. This could be because a) I put the wrong mobile number in my profile (quite possible), b) I put the wrong number for the wiblog in my phone, c) there’s lots of text traffic between here and there and it’s stuck in Singapore like so many travellers or d) I just dreamed that it was possible to text entries and have just wasted 25c on something that was never going to happen.

while I’m waiting for mobile entry #1 to cross the world…

I will tell you all about TravelPassAdventure#3.

This morning I was a bit weary (ok, absolutely exhausted – long story). When my train arrived at the various stations where I can get off and get a bus connection to work, my legs didn’t seem to move. So I er… ended up at Strathfield station 11 stops west of the city (I should probably add that my train skipped the first 10 stations). I was going to get on a train in the opposite direction (an all stations one, to use up some of the surplus time) and then remembered seeing some buses going to Strathfield past the turn off to my work. I went out to the bus stop to investigate and sure enough, the 461 seemed to meet my transporting needs.

The 461 travels along what is widely regarded as Sydney’s ugliest road. I had never been along this particular stretch before but now that I have, I am inclined to agree with popular opinion. I also agree with those who say that Parramatta Road is the longest carpark in Sydney. It is truly a road of some distinction.

Other distinctive landmarks along this road were Australia’s leading guard dog school AND Australia’s leading water feature shop. Not to mention many many car shops. Like heaps. If you want to buy a car, this is the place to go.

I also saw the Burwood bus depot. This was quite exciting. I like places where there are lots of large vehicles parked – train depots, airports, bulldozer shops etc. I don’t know why… I just do.

Work was filled with fun and surprises as usual. A mounted police unit parked opposite my pharmacy and seemed to be doing horse patrols up and down the street. There was a major drug bust at a nearby shopping centre. And a man showed me pictures of his hole. Now I know that sounds a tad uninviting but it was really a new garbage tip that is being built (er dug rather) west of Sydney. It’s the first of its type in Australia – consists of large hole with a series of drainage pipes on the base, covered by three layers of black fabric stuff then 6 inches of sand. And it’s great. It really is quite large too.

very odd

Today I had an odd trip home. While I was on the bus to the station from work my phone rang and the conversation went for quite a while. This meant that I missed my stop (not a disaster as the bus route follows the train route for 3 stations, but it does take longer usually due to the traffic). I arrived two stations down the line 25 minutes after I left work (has taken up to 45 minutes in the past and this was during peak hour). The train was running 8 minutes late, which was a good thing because I would have missed it otherwise, and it was really full. So I sat on the stairs, knowing that I would have to stand up at every station to let people off. BUT the first few stations went by with no-one wanting to get past… then a few more… then all 13 stations between the city and my stop. Where on earth do alll the people who were on the top level of the train live? Well obviously somewhere past my house. It’s all a bit suspicious if you ask me. AND to top it all off I made it home in record time despite travelling in peak hour. Strange.

Tonight is my final parish council. Unfortunately my work hours mean that a second term on parish council is impossible. Oh woe is me. I suppose I might be a bit more sad about this if we’d managed to buy the new signs that have been on the agenda for the last four years.

And in case anyone is wondering, this was written on a mobile phone from the back of a camel in that desert in the middle of Australia. The big one…

work work work

No-one was arrested today sadly. I suppose it’s not a bad thing – surely business would be slow with all the patients in jail. But there wasn’t much excitement really. Well a man got angry because some of his photos weren’t back. And I didn’t get a lunch break. But that was more painful than exciting.

Oh and the cream debacle continued. There is a major national shortage of steroid creams and ointments. All brands and types and strengths. So whenever someone brings in a prescription for one I inwardly (and sometimes outwardly) groan at the thought of explaining to someone who doesn’t speak English (many patients at my work don’t) that the cream their doctor prescribed is unavailable but this morning 2 tubes of another vaguely related cream arrived and I can ask the doctor to change them to that one. At one point I offered to make some calamine lotion for someone but they were in a hurry and said they’d get it elsewhere. Hah! You can’t get it elsewhere!

So yes, a day of being yelled at by angry Italians, Poles (Poles? People from Poland…) and cyclists.


I can’t think of a title today.

Ah so many things to report on!

The kitchen hens night was good. It was not a wild night by any stretch of the imagination (which is good I suppose, considering my newly discovered wine allergy) but very late. There was much watching of girly movies (er, movies appealing to girls rather than movies featuring girlies…), eating of food and other things. The second movie finished at 3am (Emma – the first was 10 things I hate about you) then Sense and Sensibility screened at about 8:30am. I was excited because I took 6 dvds along and everyone liked all of them. I’m not used to people liking my entertainment choices. After Sense and Sensibility we went to the beach. And remembered it was Australia Day and half of Australia would be at the beach. Ah well. Came home and went to bed very early.

Today at work a second customer was arrested (the first was a few days ago). He behaved himself in our shop but shortly after he left there was quite a commotion outside. I believe there were threats, trouser dropping and er… combative urination involved.

After work a friend very kindly picked me up (took her about 40 minutes to get to my work) and we went to our bible study end of year dinner at my favourite Thai restaurant. The rest of the group have all gone on further to a cafe for ice cream but it’s a bit much for me. Starting work early tomorrow…

So yes, I arrived home and my parcel had arrived!!! I was a bit disconcerted to open it and find an AirPort Extreme Card box in there. My brother said that meant I’d have to buy a mac. But no, my styli and screen protectors were inside. All was well.

Apologies for this boring narrative of events. But maybe it’ll be important for cross referencing purposes in the future.

Happy Australia Day long weekend!

Today’s storm hasn’t arrived yet… ah well, still a few more hours left in the afternoon, on this partly cloudy middle day of the Australia Day long weekend. For those who are interested, Australia Day (Jan 26) commemorates the day in 1788 when the First Fleet landed at Port Jackson and established Australia’s first European settlement. A summary of Australian history can be found here – Australian history stuff

I have just downloaded the United Devices software to get my computer doing some cancer fighting. I think I’ll set up the desktop to do it too. We almost always have three computers running at home and only one actually being used. Might as well get them all working for their board.

unimaginative weather programming

Every day this week the forecast is "warm with possible afternoon thunderstorms". So far this is true.

I’ve been quite productive today. My first Saturday as a working person. I have been almost shopping and actual shopping. I now have enough socks for a whole week of work. The almost shopping has been put off til tomorrow. I have also rsvped to a wedding, helped with food arrangement for the kitchen hens night associated with said wedding, bought a dvd for the kitchen hens night (The Princess Bride – I also bought Finding Nemo) AND eaten half a packet of these really tasty citrus jelly things. They are SO good. I know I have ranted in the past about "natural" colourings and flavourings being terrible but that is when such additives are used in what were formerly perfectly good products with synthetic additives. These products are naturally natural. And hence are ok.

Someone informed me yesterday that most phone lines are fibre optic now and fibre optic cables don’t conduct electricity and hence it is safe to be on the internet in a thunderstorm if run my laptop off its battery. I checked this with my brother (just because it’s true in Scotland doesn’t mean it’s true here) and apparently it’s almost true but there’s copper wire between the telegraph poles and the house. So I am safish!


No, not ramblings (well yes, but it’s not a typo) – rumblings. There’s some majorly loud and long thunder happening at the moment. I can feel it through the floor! Technically I suppose I shouldn’t be plugged in to electricity and the phone line but… erm… well I am.

My first week of full time work is over!! Yay for me! Only 56 to go!

Today’s adventure wasn’t the one I mentioned yesterday. Today I caught a train on a different train line – the northern line. Which wasn’t AS (oh! big thunder!) exciting as the bus trips as I have been on that line before but still different. The northern line has some interesting bits where the tracks cross over in what appears to be a fairly dangerous manner… the suburban lines cross over the interurban (ie. fast trains) lines on a blind corner. Obviously signalling and everything should mean no problems but signals have failed in the past…

Although there wasn’t much excitement in the transport arena today, there was excitement on the mail front as two bars of green & blacks arrived thanks to the Miss Ship of Fools competition. Mmmmmmmmm.

Oh! AND this is a long weekend! How convenient! What a good way to end my first week of work.

Adventures and things

So I’ve now worked for four days. That’s 28 hours. Meaning I only have 1972 to go! Yay for me!

Today I had a phonecall from the police regarding some valium that had been found on a guy up the coast who was suspected of supplying it to a kid who’d overdosed. It was quite exciting – I had to verify that they had been supplied from our pharmacy on a valid script (although not to the person concerned) and identify the tablets to make sure they were what the label said. The police dude was very friendly and told me the whole story and then apologised for taking up my time. Hello! This was the most exciting thing to happen all day. Which wasn’t hard really as not much happened at all.

I’ve also been taking adventurous bus routes on the way to work due to a surplus hour in the mornings. I’ve been on journeys of discovery through the inner western suburbs thanks to my yellow pass (unlimited travel on buses, trains (within a certain area) and ferries). I’m thinking that tomorrow I might try out the light rail (ie. tram) and then catch a new bus from wherever the light rail goes to. Wouldn’t it be nice if my enthusiasm for public transport lasted the whole year?