Monthly Archives: December 2003

Will I cope?

As of soon, I will have no internet for 11 days! Argh! Conversation. With people. For almost two weeks! Oh I hope there are some nice surly Christians on the team to be friends with me! Why on earth is my screen name yay when I am so surly? Lots of Surl just doesn’t have the same ring…

Beach mission. I like the idea of it (as a cook that is – if I had to sing songs and play games with children… er… well… I don’t do kids). I enjoy it once I’m there. But at this time, 7 hours before leaving, I just want to stay home. This is true of most trips I take I guess. Except the ones that I don’t enjoy. In those cases, I don’t want to go the night before AND hate it while I’m there!

I have decided on using the washing basket method of packing. My friend pioneered this, as far as I know. It involves a washing basket. You get everything you’re taking and throw it in the washing basket. Packing complete – and you can see where everything is thanks to the plastic meshy construction of the basket (although you hide undies and stuff in the centre… unless you want to flaunt them). Then, at the end of the camp, you throw everything back in the basket and it’s all ready to go into the washing machine on arrival at home!

Another camping method pioneered by the washing basket friend is the shower backpack. This system involves a backpack with all your showering needs in it – towel, clothes, nice body wash, shampoo, 20c pieces, razor etc which is dedicated to showering. So, at 10:30pm when you decide that a shower would be nice, you just pick up your backpack and walk a kilometre to the shower in the dark past all the lucky gits who only have to walk half a km to the shower. Alternatively you could walk to the other showers which are only a few hundred metres away. But they aren’t as good. The only maintenance required is to replace the clean change of clothes in there once you get back to your tent.

Right. Well. Now it’s less than 7 hours til I have to go and I still have to sleep and stuff. And make my washing basket presentable. And pack my shower backpack. Not necessarily in that order. Oh I hate getting up before dawn!

Farewell! Wish me luck as I traipse off to the relative wilderness of the south coast. Pray that there will be no bushfires, snakes or burnt dinners!

I’m dreaming of a coool Christmas

Well. Weather report as at 5:34pm Christmas day – 35 degrees C. Cloudless skies. No sign of a thunderstorm to cool things down 🙁

Today I discussed the possibility of air conditioning in the church with the assistant minister. He is keen. Will God smite us for getting aircon instead of fixing the leaky roof? Surely not.

Music went well at both services this morning. People forgot to start singing in one song. But that was hardly comparable to the carol service on Sunday when the band played the tune to Hark the Herald Angels when they were meant to be playing Once in Royal David’s City and everyone was singing OIRDC then hit trouble when they ran out of words and had to sing the Hark the herald angels refrain. I wasn’t involved in that debacle however.

We’ve finally packed off all grandparents (3), uncles (1) and cousins (2). This is good. Our house is not great for entertaining. Especially on stinking hot days like today. The only air conditioned area is my brother’s bedroom.

Hope all you wibfolk had/have a great Christmas.


Listerine Junkie

For the last 10 months I have resisted buying those Listerine strips… the one that come in the little green thing and they dissolve "instantly" on your tongue. I have resisted because they seemed to be something I could become addicted to. For two reasons – 1) my obsession with oral hygiene (related to my refusal to go to the dentist) and 2) my quest for the ultimate mint.

At present the ultimate mint quest is being led by Altoids and Fisherman’s Friend extra strong. However, these are not good for the oral hygiene thing as they contain peppermint oil (small percent) and sucrose (99%). The Fisherman’s Friends also contain chlorophyll and copper compounds. This disturbs me somewhat. The listerine things are powerful and sugar free. And if you use more than one at a time… wow!

But they are expensive. And this year I couldn’t afford to sustain a listerine strip habit. But now I have a job. And it’s in a pharmacy. Meaning that I can both afford and procure these strips of antibacterial goodness. At 15% discount!

Mmmmm baklava

A customer brought a box of baklava in for us today. It was really very good. I’m not sure if there’s etiquette regarding the eating of communal Christmas presents when you only started working at said place in the last week and couldn’t tell the giver from a bar of soap. Well, being in the pharmacy industry I probably COULD tell the person from a bar of soap. But maybe I’d have trouble telling her from a… high interest investment account with no fees. Or not.

I am glad that I ate half a kilo of baklava though because thanks to a train strike it took 2.5 hours to get home. Mmmm pistachio power.

Yes. While waiting for an hour at the train strike, it struck me (haha) that I am quite good at waiting. Maybe you could call it a gift. I don’t know. Is it possible to be good at waiting and yet impatient in other ways?

Yay – International Smuggler

Today I received a parcel as part of the UK Tour Site secret santa. It’d been opened by customs! This was quite exciting – just think! Me, a threat to national security! I realised why when I looked at the who it was addressed to – Lots of Yay, the customs declaration of contents – cookies and the country of origin – Holland. Hehehehe.

Yay Lord we greet thee

On the way to church tonight I was struck by the amount of yay in Christmas carols. Like the one mentioned above. Isn’t that great? Would anyone notice if I went through all the hymn books and changed the spelling? I’m guessing not as being an evo church we use powerpoint and/or handouts. So… my mission, should I choose to accept it, is to ‘fix’ the powerpoint files…

Late night

Ahhhh so tired! Was up til all hours working on the newspapers for beach mission. Finally finished them this arvo with the help of some recycled puzzles from previous years. I was going to have a limerick section but was too tired to think of many words that rhymed with circus or the location of my mission. So I put a picture of a washing machine in instead. And a section of washing machine jokes.

Going to a different church tonight to avoid the family carols thing at my church. If all goes to plan I will have been to 4 different churches this week. And 5 services. I’m so holy. Extra special seat in heaven methinks. No I can justify all five services – today is Sunday which is church day, on Wednesday my friend is singing in a choir at another church, I always go to the 11pm service at a church nearish me on Christmas Eve and then I’m playing at two of the services at my church on Christmas morning. Thankfully not at the 7:30am one.

Naturally paranoid.

I have issues with companies that take a PERFECTLY edible and tasty product and decide it needs to be all natural. The most recent confirmed casualty was my favourite range of jelly lollies which were absolutely tops. They were so good. Now they have been replaced with a "No artificial colours or flavours" range. Which suck. Can anyone justify the use of turmeric or paprika in confectionary? Now if this company had wished to bring out a separate Naturals range then I would have no problem. I am quite happy if they wish to have such abominations as an alternative. But not as the only option when it is inferior to the original product.

What brings me to this rant? Well I just had a bowl of my favourite ice cream. It has new packaging. I noticed yesterday that maybe it tasted slightly different. Today I saw "All natural" on the side of the tub. Could this mean that they have naturalised my ice cream?? Maybe I am imagining it… but if they’ve put turmeric in my ice cream there is going to be an awful lot of Not Yay.

How long is 2 hours?

Today I bought a new gadget – a Palm Zire 71 (and please don’t comment on the transient nature of Palm products… maybe mine will be an exception to the rule and make it to its first birthday and beyond!). Being a bit impatient I decided to do all three first steps at once – charge for two hours, install software then configure the device. Now I’ve reached a problem. I need to turn it over to look at the serial number. But it’s plugged in so I can’t. And now I don’t know how long 2 hours is because that assumes it is off while charging. Eh. I’ll wait a bit longer…

Today was absolutely stinking hot. Ugh. It apparently reached 37 degrees C (which I’m told is 99F) but has now dropped to a balmy (not) 33 degrees. I am trying to only do one thing at a time on my computer to avoid taxing it too much. Do you think it would notice?

Aching legs

When I’m dehydrated my legs ache. This is useful because I can tell when I’m dehydrated. But I have never met anyone else who experiences the same thing. Maybe I should write a paper on myself.

Another thing that makes my legs ache is working. I’m starting to think that I’m not a big fan of this working caper. It seems that most academics in my faculty are there because they don’t like working in pharmacy. The idea of standing up all day every day for the rest of my life makes me very weary.